Big Family Games Nintendo Wii £4.99 Delivered @

Big Family Games Nintendo Wii £4.99 Delivered @

Found 18th Oct 2009Made hot 18th Oct 2009
Cheapest Around and would make a good stocking filler for christmas


Good price, shame about the reviews! Was just gonna buy it then read the reviews. All say its a waste of money and gave it 1 star

It's mad with these cheap wii games typically thery are the console version of a web based flash game?! With about the same graphics and playability, would I pay £5 for a flash game? In a word NO, just Nintendo seem to have given free reign to anyone that can make a game (good or bad) to churn out any old pap these days!

Where's the quality of gaming these days? Specifically for the Wii it's dead! And so is my Wii straight on fleabay.

Not knocking the OP but this sort of thing kills of the experience of a console imagine this being the first game you played on a Wii! Would it make you rush out and buy one? I'm guessing not, unless you are criminally insane that is!

Its back up to £9.99

Please don't buy this game. PLEEEEASE. It is worse than bad. It is unplayable. It is anti-fun. It is everything a Wii game shouldn't be.

Junk, utter junk.
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