Big Finish - warehouse clearance offers from 99p to £3

Big Finish - warehouse clearance offers from 99p to £3

Found 26th Jan 2018Edited by:"AndyJWS"
Good selection from several of their ranges present including their Wonderful Wizard of Oz adaptation, and a mixture of CDs and books (plus one Download-only). The only direct Doctor Who releases are music collections from some of the audio series, but the Dalek Empire, Sarah Jane Smith, Cyberman and I, Davros spinoff ranges are included and even a Bernice Summerfield short story collection!

For comparison, the I, Davros CDs that are £1 each in this offer are £10.99 each on Amazon

Use code CHERYL to access the page at…e18. Some limited stock present, prices from 99p to £3.

Shipping is £1.25 per item for a CD but looks like it may top off at a maximum of £4. Quite a few of the CD releases will come with a free download when purchased as well, but not all - the individual products will usually note if a download isn't available.
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Came here for dishwasher tablets
Yeah, don't know how to remove the "finish" tag sorry - I had flagged it as Audiovisual/Entertainment which doesn't typically cover your average smartie-containing detergent
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