Big Fish DVD £1.99 + Free Delivery @ CDWow

Big Fish DVD £1.99 + Free Delivery @ CDWow

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Found 9th Oct 2009
In Tim Burton's family film BIG FISH, a wonderful storyteller named Edward Bloom (Albert Finney), who lives in a small town in Alabama, recounts tall tales of his wild worldly adventures. These are shown in flashback with Ewan McGregor playing the young Bloom. Wonderful special effects and vibrant colours that pop off the screen make this Burton film a much sunnier experience than his macabre gems EDWARD SCISSORHANDS and BEETLEJUICE. Yet his signature quirky artistry is unmistakable, and the movie benefits from crisp production values and a loveable, bizarre cast of characters. Told through a series of vignettes, Bloom's stories involve a witch, a giant, a haunted forest, and yes, a big fish. A self-described small-town hero, Bloom explains how he left home at 18 determined to experience anything and everything life could dish out. He worked for the circus, took on daring assignments as a WWII soldier, and rambled across the country as a zany travelling salesman. Utterly unbelievable yet magical and delightful, Bloom's stories just don't translate to his son Will (Billy Crudup) who wants to know his dad's "true" life story. But little by little--through increasingly outlandish tales at which Will cannot resist smirking--the two begin to understand each other, and Bloom weaves his stories into their genealogical fabric.


Fantastic movie, and an absolute steal at this price.

Lovely film and always a tear shed at the end...

....showing a temporarily OOS now tho :-(

Woah, that really is a good price for one of my very favourite films.

its a great price for a very underrated film. i think some people fail to understand it. i love it.

I think it was executed well but wasnt a film I really enjoyed, I have seen this at a few pound shops over the last few years but that was hit and miss and got it sealed at local market 3 years ago for £1 but this is probably best price for a guaranteed stock place

Fantastic movie. The only movie where me and the missus were both in tears at the end.
Heat added.
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