Big Fish on Blu-Ray - only £9.89 (free P&P)

Big Fish on Blu-Ray - only £9.89 (free P&P)

Found 23rd Mar 2008
Great price, for a great Tim Burton film - don't forget that 4% Quidco cashback too!


£9.40 at 4CheapCDs, and £9.79 at - whether you'd trust those companies is another matter. SendIt Quidco is "new customers only" too.

This is about average price for this title on Blu-ray now, so I don't think this is really a "hot" deal, sorry.

just watched it on channel five. saved myself £9.89. cheers:thumbsup:


just watched it on channel five. saved myself £9.89. cheers:thumbsup:

Is channel 5 in HD now!!!! Must of missed that.


HD make rubbish films good? Must have missed that!!!

Your opinion becomes fact once you air it! Aren't you the important one eh.

He seemed to be happy watching it on SD, imagine how much he would have enjoyed it in HD.

Regardless of if you like the film or not you need to compare like with like. And you cant compare channel 5 with this, compare it with the £3.99 DVD.

Maybe we should expire all DVD/Bluray threads for older films as its cheaper to watch them on telly!

And we may as well expire this, apparantly, so Ive heard, the film is rubbish.

How do you work out averages? Went on [url][/url] and I had to pick the cheapest 3 blu-ray discs out of the hundreds on there to get an average anywhere near £9.40 . Nice if only facts could be put on here and not personnal opions. Facts are that true hi-def (1080p) is 6 times better than sd.
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