Big Game Boxing Day Sale
Big Game Boxing Day Sale

Big Game Boxing Day Sale

Game seem to be doing a good old sale this year which other shops are matching will pick a few out here:

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit - 23.98 (Xbox and PS3)
Fallout New Vegas - 20.98 (Xbox and PS3)
The Sims 3 (Quite New!) 23.98 (Xbox and PS3)
Mafia 2 - 19.98 (Xbox and PS3)
Fifa 11 - 22.98 (Xbox and PS3)
Halo Reach 22.98

Just a few, Seems quite good but not sure,

Also instore prices are BOUND to vary as always so watch it


As someone who works there.

Fallout New Vegas - Been £19.99 for the past week anyway, then £19.98 as part of the pre Christmas 'sale'.
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit - Been that price online roughly for a week or so now anyway, I bought it from there as it was better than instore even with staff discount!
FIFA 11 - Amazon been £19.99

Can't comment on others but yeah, not that great so far.

Handed in my notice at game wooo!!1 Just thought I would share

But yea with the staff i worked with, they agreed the sale theres nothing really impressive, its all games ya hardly want are all at decent prices.

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Game are always top end prices, they rely on the reward scheme for you to get "discounts".

Looks like Fallout Vegas has gone up £1 since last week

FIFA 11 is £19.99 in Gamestation

Rubbish! Game is for people who don't know anything about games!

game is a total rip off, all the time. but stuff sell to idoit who havent heard of "the internet" before. lol
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