Big Lebowski DVD now just £2.99 delivered + 10% Quidco!

Big Lebowski DVD now just £2.99 delivered + 10% Quidco!

Found 2nd Oct 2007
The Dude, Jeff Lebowski is unemployed and laid-back... until... victim of mistaken identity, two thugs break into his apartment in the errant belief that they are accosting Jeff Lebowski the Pasadena millionaire. In hope of getting a replacement for his soiled carpet, the Dude visits his wealthy namesake, with buddy, ex-Nam Veteran, Walter, he is swept up in a Coen-esque comedy/thriller of extortion, embezzlement, sex and dope. It takes guys as simple as the Dude and Walter to make a story this complicated... and they'd really rather be bowling.

HMV DVD Editor

This is the Coen Brothers greatest work. They have dabbled in many different genres throughout their careers from film noir (Blood Simple) to gangster flick (Millers Crossing) and even turning George Clooney into an escaped convict in the comedy 'O'Brother Where Art Thou'. But this is a piece of genius.

Jeff Bridges plays "The Dude" aka Jeff LeBowski, he is a bum that has no job, smokes weed and lives to go bowling with his two pals Walter (Jon Goodman) a crazy ex-Vietnam veteran and Donnie (Steve Buscemi).

His life is turned upside down however when The Dude's namesake, and multi-millionaire, Jeff Lebowski's young trophy wife racks up huge betting bills "all over town". Two heavies break into the dude's apartment intent on getting their money back and end up peeing on The Dude's rug.

This action leads to a whole catalogue of events that spiral out of control and leads the dude to meet pornographers, feminists, nihilists, Saddam Hussein and even Jesus! Jeff Bridges gives the performance of his distinguished career (although he was apparently just playing himself!) and Jon Goodman is just absolutely hysterical.



Great film!

The Dude abides...


The Dude abides...

"Well that's just, like, your opinion,man."

It says £8.99 when I follow the link - am i missing something?

"Also, my rug was stolen".


brilliant film, just watched it for the first time last night actually, highly recomended.

£8.99 now - mark expired please mods :thumbsup:

Comes up as £8.99 for me :-(

Darn coz I was going to get it.

dudes chill its £3 instore at tesco and its the specal edition with the extras on it tooo....dudes

Hey man, I'm the Dude

No, I am, honest ;-)

"Mark it zero"

[SIZE=2]To quote the parlance of our times HOT HOT HOT!:thumbsup: [/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]Donny ur out of ur element![/SIZE]

It's a classic film! However, I bought a cheap copy of this film and it had the edges cut off it. Sort of the opposite of widescreen. Narrow screen if you like.

wow!!! another old film being flogged off as a hotukdeal. how amazing......


wow!!! another old film being flogged off as a hotukdeal. how … wow!!! another old film being flogged off as a hotukdeal. how amazing......

wow!!! Just about all you have said over your last 6 posts. Well done you. Can you find this at a better price? If so post it. If not then its a Hot deal.

I can't find it cheaper so voted hot from me. Cracking film and at £2.99 a steal.

Voted 172nd film of all time on IMDB.

Thnx for the deal.

try the market


try the market

Wise words, your really outdoing yourself here.


try the market

You don't happen to run a market stall, do ya?

I'm just wondering whether there's more to this OCD type response to all the DVD threads, especially given you've mentioned downloading. You're kinda fitting the profile...

The Film Is Classic One Of The Cohen Brothers Best Along With Fargo...yarrrrrr

brilliant film at a bargain price, i'd buy it i i didn't already have it
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