Biggest Loser Shakes 10x 55g instore & online £10 @ ASDA

Biggest Loser Shakes 10x 55g instore & online £10 @ ASDA

Found 12th Jan 2011
The biggest Loser is a TV series run by NBC and started in 2004 where ordinary member of the public are put through a boot camp.

Nutritionally balance Low GI ingredient nutritionally balanced meal replacement shake. The Biggest Loser Meal Replacement Programme is a safe and effective weight-management system which gets your diet off to a flying start and helps break the unhelpful habits that contribute to weight gain. Its weight management made easy. Simply replace two of your meals a day with a Biggest Loser Shake, Soup or Meal Replacement Bar.

In conjunction with the series there is a huge spin off of diet based products that have now come over here.

Don’t for get you can also get the exercise program on the Wii fit DSi also.

Also available are the following

The Shaker £3
Assorted flavour soups £5
Meal replacement program £10
Breakfast bars £1.50
Snacks £3.50
Soups £5.00
Meal replacement bars various £1.50

Dont forget Videos, recipes, sports equipment, stationary, pens and whiteboards. And you can follow your progress on line @
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Hmm.....exclusive to Asda? Seems like the perfect customer demongraphic judging by the majority of people I saw there on my last visit! No strangers to a pie, put it that way!

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Been watching this on ITV 1 and the US version Living tv. Some of the American guys are huge - like 30 stone plus - and you have to admire their willingness to put themselves through that exercise regime at that size.

I think the meal replacement thing goes against what they actually teach on the programme though. Good diet, sensible portions and exercise is the way, not milkshakes and bars instead of meals. I can see the appeal for those who need a kick start to get them motivated, I guess, but not good in the long run.
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