Just got an email from bigpockets saying that there are further price cuts in the Iqon range of desktop PCs.

Some quite good PCs for the price, especially if you just want to upgrade your current.

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Fairly lukewarm across the board, I'd say. The systems are all pretty ancient now, with CPUs dating around 3 or 4 years in age, and it's probably a reasonable bet that all of these are refurbs. Trouble with these systems is, if the CPUs are 3-4 years old, then how old are the mechanical parts going to be? These aren't systems I'd put any faith in. And the Dell GX280 there is definetely one to avoid, with their extremely common capacitor problem.

I wouldn't go for these based on the fact they're all a little old as mentioned above - could be good for some people though?

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too old for me unfortunatley....:(

Great Deals TBH, good basic machines nothing special but with vista premium. Good prices

I brought one of the batch of the Iqon dual cores big pockets had in March for £170 and it was totally brand new and had good quality components in it.

this is probably the best one


I paid tenner more and with tenner postage and got only a 250gb so its cheaper and double the HD

Good deals... ah and before i forget... slot in a £100 8800GT and its a perfect gaming machine (anything with an 8800Gt is supposedly a gaming machine).. like a proper rig lol

On a serious note, the pentium D's are still quite potent, and with the freedown of spending another £100 you could get a decent PC for £270 which should have a good Gfx and some more RAM (take 2020VX for example). i'd say its hot!

Power supplies in these rigs probably couldn't handle a high end gpu.

Better deals can be had at Dell Outlet......particularly the quads.

I don't know why this deal is getting such a cold time!

For the price your paying, you're still getting a good enough spec and a good quality product; it may not be top-end, but then neither's the price..

Similar to KanKan101, I bought one from the batch back in March for the £170, and i'd say for this spec; ]Iqon PC spec, it's still a good price for those that aren't wanting (or are too lazy, like me) to do self-builds.

It certainly seems to do the job; regardless of the 'as new' status, i've found nothing to fault about it.

Some good deals but you need to sift through the s**t.

Saw a 3ghz P4, 1GB Ram, biggish HD (200GB+) with XP media centre for about £130 from memory.
So maybe not for top-end gamers, but great price for what is still a fast PC, stick a graphics card and extra RAM (if u have any laying around) and you have a real bargain.


These are a bargain for the average home user especially the £164.99 one. If you already have a monitor then its a steal, a lot of people will have older PCs then this at home so it is a good cheap upgrade.

The older P4's are just glorified space heaters........the core 2's may initially be more expensive but they are more efficient both in energy use and productivity.

hot from me, the dual core would be an excellent home PC for most people


]This dual core Pentium is well priced at 165 +P&P, and is "As New" - what ever that means.

However, with only a 3 month warranty, it has just missed out on any heat from me.


However, with only a 3 month warranty, it has just missed out on any heat … However, with only a 3 month warranty, it has just missed out on any heat from me.

I think that's the basic problem with a lot of the PC deals from Bigpockets. You have to think to yourself "why are they only giving a 3 month warranty". I wouldn't touch anything that had less than a 12 months warranty.

You could end up with a bargain and have many years of use or you could end up with a lemon. Refurbs are like that.
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