Bigtrak - £14.99 (Prime) / £19.74 (Non Prime) - Amazon

Bigtrak - £14.99 (Prime) / £19.74 (Non Prime) - Amazon

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Found 14th Jul 2017
This is a bit of a throwback. Who remembers this classic 80s toy? It's more than half price off, even still a great price for non Prime members at £19.74.

It's a special thing, trust me. It even has its own Wikipedia page

BIG TRAK / bigtrak is a programmable electric vehicle created by Milton Bradley in 1979, resembling a futuristic Sci-Fi tank / utility vehicle, possibly for use on the Moon or a Planetoid style environment.[1] The original Big Trak was a six-wheeled (two-wheel drive) tank with a front-mounted blue "photon beam" headlamp, and a keypad on top. The toy could remember up to 16 commands, which it then executed in sequence. There also was an optional cargo trailer accessory, with the U.K. version being white to match its colour scheme; once hooked to the Bigtrak, this trailer could be programmed to dump its payload.

In 2010, BIG TRAK was relaunched in the form of a slightly modified replica (cosmetically very similar to the original U.K. bigtrak), produced under licence by Zeon Ltd. There is also a small dedicated Internet community who have reverse engineered the BIG TRAK and the Texas Instruments TMS1000 microcontroller inside it.

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Sweet find op!
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If you're going in for this, please go all in. This is a must have with it.
Expired sadly
Showing at £35.34
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oliverreed4 m ago

Expired sadly

They seem to be updating the page mate. This keeps appearing, so possibly worth keeping an eye out.

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Very cool. I remember them clearly and with great affection. I didn't have one - but I did have Bigfoot with the yellow and red levers on the top. I'd like to see the original Electronic Battleships come back again. That ships a gonner!
Won't add to basket though

l Electronic Battleships

Is that the one with the TV ads that ended 'You sunk my battleship!!'?
We had one of these at school, I've been trying to find out about it for about 15 years.

Is that the one with the TV ads that ended 'You sunk my battleship!!'?

That's the one!
Amazing - just purchased this for my boy - I had one years back and think I'll enjoy playing more with this than he will

hope they get some more in at this price

can you buy this model anywhere nowadays?…xtr
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Most annoying kids toy EVER!

Had great pleasure in binning the thing a couple of weeks ago.
daver7714th Jul

hope they get some more in at this pricecan you buy this model anywhere …hope they get some more in at this pricecan you buy this model anywhere nowadays?

Seems to be available again for Prime members only
OH MY GOD NOSTALGIA! And then twenty minutes later it's in the cupboard or being sold at a boot sale.

If you're just going for an impulse buy, think of all the things you could spend £15-20 on instead for a second.

And then if it still seems like a great idea, then by all means get stuck in..
Just ordered this then found out the batteries are going to cost over half the price of the toy!!
Missed it AGAIN
Not expired, just bought one!
I lie, must have just bought the last one! Sorry!

Seems to be available again for Prime members only

back in stock again, 12 left at present
Bought one, yippee!!!
Still available for back order
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