Bike chains / Accessories further reductions instore at Wilko - Portsmouth

Bike chains / Accessories further reductions instore at Wilko - Portsmouth

LocalFound 17th Mar 2018
Bike chains further reduction in Wilko in Portsmouth. This is a discount on the previous £1 offers in some stores. Portsmouth were due to restock today. Other savings on handlebar grips (50p) and horns (1.25).
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Cheers, If I'm in a wilkinsons I'll see if I can get some of their 9 speed chains. I think I cleared out my local store of single speed and 5-8 speed chains plus the grips but I seem to remember they had some 9 speed chains still at £3.50.

Seems strange really discounting now. They ought to have a banner saying 'Get your bike ready for Spring and Summer' and feature these items. They were already good value at the normal prices. They'll probably start restocking these in May for the summer season.
Managed to get 3 of the 9 speed chains for £1.75 each. Under their own Taya brand packaging normally their 9 speed chains are significantly more expensive than their 5-7 speed chains so probably a very good deal. Unless Wilko are stopping sell Chains now these will probably come back into stock in a 2 or 3 months or so with new packaging or a slightly different spec anyway. Used a Wilko chain in the past and great quality and I'm a heavy rider. Taya are probably equal to KMC in quality but their quick connector is a more single use design.
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