Bike Light Set (Front + Back) for £1 @ Poundworld

Bike Light Set (Front + Back) for £1 @ Poundworld

Found 20th May 2011
Bike Light Sets @ PoundWorld for £1 !!
Do not expect Cat Eye quality but can you go wrong with this price?

There are two options one apparently with INDICATORS....!!!
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I have a set of these in my panier box, just incase my others run down/get broke/ or stolen.
You can go very wrong at this price, in fact you could buy these and then you'd have basically wasted £1. That £1 could buy you 2 pints of soda and lime in wetherspoons. You could wash your hands in that soda lime, get really sticky hands and then still feel less depressed than if you had spent £1 on these.

Just save up a little bit more and get a pair of LED ones for a couple of quid off ebay - you can actually rely on those to get you home.
had 2 they both split and the front light just gave up was worth a shot but its not worth even a £1 sorry to say
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