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Posted 16 September 2022

Seat Post Mounted Pannier Rack With Quick Release Clamp - £7.97 delivered @ moorelargeoutlet / eBay

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Bi-Tech seat post rack with side mounts for pannier rack bags.
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A great and simple solution for all bikes to be able to carry luggage and pannier bags for the daily commute or your weekend leisure ride.

Bi-tech quick release seat post mounted pannier rack will fit any wheel bike as long as there is enough clearance over the rear wheel and you will need a few inches of space upon your seat post to allow space for the clamp.

This carrier is has a maximum weight limit of 10kgs.

The clamp will fit seat posts with a diameter of between 25.4 - 29.4mm.
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    48242978-RkeZ5.jpgHave this rack on my little folding bike, it’s good quality and holds quite abit of weight (my daughter can use it as an unofficial second seat) and really quick to take on and off. No issues with it so far
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    I have a similar one and don't rate it but there's no easy way to resolve the problem of having no eyelits.

    It's annoying how some bikes don't have eyelits as it really limits their utility a bit. Can understand road bikes with carbon frames but not mountain bikes etc. (edited)
    Agreed. Also worth noting, you can't use this on most mountain bikes, as it's for seat posts with diameters between 25.4mm and 29.4mm. Most modern mountain bikes are 31.6mm.
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    One complaint about the 25kg and ?

    For an occasions rack it fits the bill.
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    Says 10kg limit in description
    I went by the comments. I imagine the 25kg label is optimistic so likely seller is just being sensible.
    The top rack can be slid back or forwards to accommodate differing size bags.

    'Stonking value!
    A good quality rack and amazing value for money. Difficult to believe it really is this cheap! I've not tried a seatpost mounted rack before and I wasn't sure how rigid it would be, but the clamp seems very strong and I think it would take the 25kg maximum load advised.' (edited)
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    Anonymous User
    for road bikes?
    No, Indian cheese
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    Dont bother with one of these, if your bike doesn't have mounting points and you'd like a full rack, just buy the right sized P-clips for where you want to mount it and, Voila! I did this for a short term fix on my road bike. I leave the clips attached to the rack and when needed, I attach it to the bike in a few mins. No, I wouldn't use it for touring or putting huge weights on, but for day to day stuff, it's worked well.
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    not for me but may suit some heat added
    any offers on rack top bags ? never really like either of the ones I have and both a bit past it now.
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    Thought this was a stretcher
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    If you go for one, consider changing all the nuts to lock nuts. I found no matter how tight you did them up they always found a way to rattle loose.