Bikemate Folding Bike Lock reduced to £6.99 in Aldi

Bikemate Folding Bike Lock reduced to £6.99 in Aldi

LocalFound 17th Aug 2014
Daughter off to Uni so bought her a new bike. Could not believe the cost of heavy duty bike locks.
You can pay over £100 and typical heavy duty locks in Halfords are over £50 each.
This lock is good value at £14.99 so really chuffed to get it less than half price.
May not be national though as just been to Gainsborough where they have only reduced them to £9.99

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It's national as I picked one up, was going to post myself.
Fishing folding stools have been reduced to £8.99 as well.
I would love to see a stress test of this kind of lock verses the ABUS folding one. I don't know how secure they are but I am tempted by one and they do make a good deterrent.
and teach her how to lock a bike properly! also buy her another lock. add then less chance of the bike going walkies
Mine feels nice & solid, the mount that keeps it to the frame is really good as well.
Yes, these are good value. I bought one at the full price of £14.99 when they first appeared in Aldi a couple of months ago. When they were recently reduced to half price I bought another, since it could be used for my 2nd bike, or even joined to the first lock to double the length to nearly 2m for going round large tress etc. The only downside is this would also double the weight to over 2kg, so not something to take if you are needing to travel as light as possible!

I too would like to know how they compare in security to the much more expensive abus folding locks which look very similar, but I have reasonable faith that Aldi don't sell rubbish and would have ensured that the locks meet a good standard.

My only complaint is that I paid £7.49 for my 2nd lock in Bedfordshire, and you got it for £6.99!
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