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Full Carbon Road Bike with Shimano Ultegra for £699.99 delivered @ Bikes 2U
Found 26th Apr 2016Found 26th Apr 2016
52cm frame only . Might be a couple of years old spec, and not a trendy shop to buy from. But I've seen Carbon bikes with Sora components on here at this price. If it's not up to s… Read more
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Whilst I agree with some of what you say, it's not true that titanium (6al4v) has a greater strength to weight ratio than the top steels (953)... This is a useful discussion materials in bike frames I do agree that steel frames of equivalent strength (and similar weight) will tend to dent more easily since the wall thickness will be thinner and there's approx a square relationship between wall thickness and how easily it will dent (I.e. if you double the wall thickness it'll be 4 times harder to dent). The higher yield strength of steel is not sufficient to offset this effect.


Thanks very much all for the enlightening comments.


No... there is no such thing as road tax. There is however vehicle excise duty (VED) which is nothing to do with the state of the roads. Just another tax.


Ironically never called road tax ( And further irony in the fact that many electric/low emission vehicles haven't had to pay it. Just likes bikes. Anyhow back to the subject of the bike...I personally would stick with a more well known brand when buying an entry level carbon bike.


No road tax disk but your still paying for it .

24inch Viking girls bike (age 8-12) £136.98 from bikes2U
Found 8th Apr 2015Found 8th Apr 2015
I know it's not for the masses but I believe it's a deal. £126.99 plus £9.99 delivery. Bought this for my daughter a few weeks back at £10 more, building it now ready for her bda… Read more

Comment Whereas my daughter can't use gears (and has no need for them where she rides) so it's great for her needs. It is a beautiful bike- I need to find one for myself just like this :)


single speed, not for my daughter ;(


Bought a similar Viking bike a couple of months back. Really looks the part and daughter loves it too. Half the price of similar in Halfords

Saracen Mantra 2013 £299 delivered @ Bikes 2U Direct
Found 4th Jan 2014Found 4th Jan 2014
Cheapest MTB I can find including hydraulic disk brakes. Has decent reviews plus is still £499 in many bike shops!!!!! Currently have 19" and 21" frames in stock. -Lightweight 60… Read more

This is very good price! There is no logic in this being cold...


I see where you are coming from on the frame and fork argument and for 299 your still going to struggle to find better even with V brakes. On the Bikeradar rating comment .... it was reviewed at £450 this is £299 therefore at this price would score even higher would it not?


Just having a read about and I half agree, but the tested bike was running Quad nanos rather than the HDC-300's. Theres a few bikes at around this price, I think the best option is just to buy the bike with the best frame and forks, then upgrade when things bust. One thing to remember is that the rating is based on the factor of the price of the bike only.... so compare this bike to another one say £100 more it could only rate 2 stars/ that..


RickT if you look above a few posts I have posted a review of this particular bike 4/5 stars.


RickT if you look above a few posts I have posted a review of this particular bike 4/5 stars.

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Special 75th Anniversary Edition Beano Chopper bike - £284.99 @ Bikes 2U Direct
Found 19th Nov 2013Found 19th Nov 2013
I REALLLLLLY want this bike. A special edition of the Raleigh Chopper to commemorate the 75th anniversary of another great British institution, The Beano. Raleigh and Beano are t… Read more

I have nos mrk2 also mark 3 iff I had to use everyday the mrk 2 would be gone to heavy good in there time not anymore just a bike to look at over rated


Had mine delivered today! Really fast service from these guys! Bike looks reeeeeeeally cool!! Sadly looks like these have run out of their allocation now. If it helps anyone who wants one (and doesnt want to pay the increasing price on Ebay!) The next cheapest I could find (with stock in) is for £300. Other than that Y Frame have just 1 left on amazon for £349. *off to pop a wheelie


went out on my mrk 2 chopper sunday ,Tuesday out on my mrk 3 much better ride than mrk 2


And one on the rack.


That is awesome bicycle i have one its very easy to drive ant its joy .....

Reflex Unicycle 20 pink £34.99 + £9.99 delivery @
Found 25th Feb 2012Found 25th Feb 2012
20" wheel unicycle Grab handle built into saddle looks great for the kids or for learning with the 20"wheel not too high should have lots of fun just trying to sit on it without fa… Read more
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Always wanted to try one of these. Tempted


I'm trying to find a trailer for one of these. Any pointers?


this is for fun imagine trying to get on this after a couple of beers for a laugh X)


Can get a whole bike for less than this, not half of one! :p

Reflex Unicycle 20 chrome £44.98 with shipping  @bikes2u direct
Found 13th Oct 2011Found 13th Oct 2011
Miyata style saddle with front grab handle and rear bumper 36 spoke steel hub with sealed main cap bearings Chrome steel rim with 20 x 1.75" pneumatic unicycle tyre 300mm long s… Read more

The wheel is connected to the pedals, no freewheeling, so when you pedal backwards you go backwards.... i.e braking is a combination of balancing /leaning and force on the pedals! Skill required. (I think, please correct me if I am wrong)


by pedaling backwards ?


How do you brake??


Thanks mcintg....another consideration is the boss, for whom I have a healthy respect not fear mind you....."Why did you buy that?" Would my response be the people off HotUKdeals told me to or is that akin to blaming the voices in my head?


Don't let your kids hold you back from your dream, anyway as their dad it's your job to embarrass them.

Claude Butler San Remo Road Bike £293 @ Bikes 2U Direct
Found 2nd Sep 2011Found 2nd Sep 2011
Seems like a good deal for a budget road bike / trainer. This bike (and others on the site) are 30 to 40% cheaper than Evans, who seem to delight in being the only choice in the Cy… Read more



vietnam taiwan oh dear


Only 23" frame left which at 5'9" would be too big for me.


Claude Butler are part of Tandem Group as are Dawes and Falcon not sure if they produce any bicycles in the UK any more. Raleigh have moved most of their production to Asia too.


Aren't pretty much all frames made in Tawain and China nowadays - even the top brands.

Claud Butler Urban 400 gents 09 Reduced to £359. @ Bikes 2U Direct
Found 16th Jun 2010Found 16th Jun 2010
Claud Butler Urban 400 gents 09 Special offer reduced from £550 to £349 its £359.98 with delivery. You will not find this bike for under £495. Very high spec for the money. Only a… Read more

There's a few that live on my street. But their out on the p!ss! Oh, just realised. I thought you said £30 bike :-D:p


True, but could you point me in the direction of a £300 bike that is UK built?


LOL!!! :p


COLD COLD COLD... Sadly NOT UK built, imported from Vietnam...


Have some cold for whinging. And an 18" frame? Is this bike for hobbits?

Claud Butler Explorer 200 Hybrid Bike £212.98 @ Bikes2UDirect
Found 14th Apr 2010Found 14th Apr 2010
Claud Butler Explorer 200 gents Key features include: # Lightweight aluminium sports commuter frame # RST Sofi suspension forks with preload adjust & 50mm travel # Shimano Ac… Read more

Sorry to jump in on this but wonder if anyone can offer more advice on this. I'd need an 18" hybrid that I'd like to purchase on the cyclescheme. Right now I am considering an 09 courier for approx 225GBP, but no cyclescheme being offered. Can anyone think of a better hybrid bike to be had? I am thinking of a hybrid more for road and paths rather than any serious off road. I'd probably be putting on a child seat as well. TIA For example I am thinking that a bike on the 450 mark, eg a Giant seek 0 with no discount, would come to approx 250 through the cyclescheme.


Thanks, it does seem an ideal bike to buy for me and my wife, we can get the same bike but its currently £259. No doubt as soon as I purchase it Halfords will reduce to £199 haha... I guess with halfords I can get a bit less through quidco also. Might be worth me calling the local halfords see if the manager willing to do a deal if I buy the male and female carera subway 1 bikes they have at £259


I can highly recommend the Carrera Subway from Halfords. Commute to work every day all weathers on mine and it's hard to fault at the price. There is often special offers on them too, mine cost £200 just before xmas :)


Is this a good bike and price ? Or would this be better than the above: I am looking for a bike ( 19" or 20" hybrid ) Dont really want to to spending more than £300 - £350 to be honest.


Off the peg from a dealer? Probably a Specialized Sirrus Pro or a Trek 7.9FX, both £1800 bikes and both fabulous machines. Chat to your dealer and you can custom spec to your heart's content... A more appropriate question, as another poster has suggested, would be what's the best hybrid on the market within your budget. The answer, as always, is the one that fits you.