BillyOh Devon Log Cabin £999.49 @ Garden Buildings Direct

BillyOh Devon Log Cabin £999.49 @ Garden Buildings Direct


I was disappointed with the quality of my billyoh shed.

That's a lot of money for what appears to be a shed

Surely thats a description error, thats flimsy planks, not logs. Overpriced shed.

You need at least 45mm thick walls if you intend to use something like this for a regular use cabin e.g. Home office, this doesn't even offer the option, the floor is too thin, the roof is poor, save your money and buy a garden shed instead!

lol my cats house is better quality than this.

I agree with ALL of the above!

I'm selling this luxury log cabin for only a grand if anyone's interested

IMHO, it's a total waste of money. To actually get a unit you can use for most of the year, finished to an "acceptable standard", will up the price to £1,834.44 and you still have to build it yourself.
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