Binatone Carrera X350 GPS with UK/ROI Mapping - £44.95 delivered @ ASDA direct !
Binatone Carrera X350 GPS with UK/ROI Mapping - £44.95 delivered @ ASDA direct !

Binatone Carrera X350 GPS with UK/ROI Mapping - £44.95 delivered @ ASDA direct !

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£40 excluding delivery

3.5 inch anti-reflective touch screen LCD
Free Safety Cameras locations included
Full UK 7 digit postcode search
2D/3D navigation
Clear turn-by-turn voice guidance (male/fermale)
User friendly menu system
Thousands of Points of Interest (POIs) such as parking, hotels, restaurants, petrol stations and many more!
Picture and Document viewer via SD expansion slot
UK/ROI maps
Integrated rechargeable battery


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Drive like a local !

Want to improve your driving experience with a quality 3.5 inch screen LCD Satellite Navigation System you can afford? Look no further! Binatone Carrera X350 UK/ROI helps you to find your way to street level in an easy manner through a user-friendly menu system. If you are looking for a destination in the UK simply enter the postcode (up to 7 digits), followed by the street name and you’re done.

You can choose 2D (flat view) or 3D (angled view) navigation modes. In any case, voice guidance (male or female) will guide you through in advance so that you can keep your eyes on the road whilst being alerted to the presence of speed cameras as this comes pre-installed. You will be automatically re-routed if you miss one step.

Looking for a specific location or venue ? No problem – just fill in the address and choose the Point of Interest category (parking, petrol stations, restaurants, hotels, etc.) and find the closest location from where you are/plan to go.

these aren't as hackable as the navigo, are they ?


Hm, well.....
I got one of these free and still feel robbed!
It's ok most of the time, when it's not sending me in the exact opposite direction and the Speed camera updates are at about 6 month intervals.
I wouldn't actually pay money for one of these.

I got one of these yesterday form Currys - £40
I tested it to get home with and it was fine - I have a Tom Tom and although I prefer the Tom Tom this was good especially for the price

Heat added

I could not hack it ......these are version V2....May be its just me
so returned .........
did not like the map view
it failed to show a short cut in birmingham....
and took long to recalculate the destination
Not Good in my opinion


and same for backseat drivers :w00t:

I could not find a way to hack it..... But a good bargain for the price...

This is the cheapest I have seen so far..

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Yea its cheap for a reason.....

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Yea its cheap for a reason.....

Dont see the pointing in bumping an expired offer :thinking:

I couldnt hack this one even though file structure and registry was similar to navigo. You can rename the tomtom app tp mobilenavigator and put in on a sd card and it will oad instead of the in built software. Hope that helps someone out there.

Sorry but I don't know what the detractors are on about. I have one of these it was given to me as a Xmas pressie over 12 months ago and it is the equal of the Tom Tom units. I should know, my son has a Tom Tom.

Quite a good price - for a budget priced sat nav.

I bought one for £40 off a friend who paid £58 for it on Amazon a while ago - she offered it to me as she hadn't used it, I took it off her hands and gave it a go as it was my first sat nav. I've used it quite a bit with differing success.

The initial signs aren't all that great - the display isn't all that fantastic with a rather grainy, slow and pixelated appearance to the menus and map screens. The interface isn't all that intuative either - takes a bit of trial and error to find how to get to the crux of what you actually have/want to do.

After I had eventually punched in the Hillingdon train station postcode as my destination and hit 'navigate'(travelling from Windsor) it actually was doing very well for me, it had my position locked down with a nice clear map (which I find works best on 3D I find) the voice prompts were loud and clear and usually well in advance barring the odd error. I then came across the problems that all sat navs must have: the alternate route lottery!

I could go any one of the small multiple routes that I know from Windsor through Slough to Hillingdon - this didn't really matter because the x350 would just recalculate my route from my new position on the fly . I soon noticed another problem or two, on the M40 I had to come off at the Hillingdon junction but the voice prompt was telling me to 'stay left' as opposed to telling me to get off on the sliproad approaching - i.e. turn left, this was repeated on the odd roundabout aswell. Obviously I knew the route I wanted so ignored the misinformation.

There were several other instances where roundabouts were inexplicably missed off the map - or the odd wrong roundabout exit called out to me. Also manually looking and s earching around other areas on the map en route is very slow

I'm being blunt with all these points as they are all real issues that you will find with this sat nav - dependant on where you live. At other times on the journey it was behaving very well and I was very happy with it.

i would suggest if you're travelling to an unknown area - you put in the postcode and manually alter the alternate route choices to fit what route you want to take., making sure you check it out thoroughly.

On the plus side it's a rather neat and tidy unit that can fit in your pocket rather easily, has a bright screen and loud and clear voice prompts(both of which are fully adjustable). Obviously it's also a gps map and postcode finder in your hand if you don't happen to have a snazzy mobile phone that does the same for you - which is great if you are on the road and need to find address info - though these are all things that any bog standard sat nav can do tbh.

Mine is going to be used as what i thought it would be, one for my 2nd or 3rd vehicle - or one to simply stick in my bag if travelling with no real worries if it takes a bash or I lose it. I will probably buy a top range garmin or tom tom for my 1st vehicle.

It's a handy, cheap tool if you know how to use it - just don't give it an inch or it will take a mile!

Voted hot.
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