Binatone iDECT Smart 54 Wi-Fi Smart Home Phone £49.99 @ Argos

Binatone iDECT Smart 54 Wi-Fi Smart Home Phone £49.99 @ Argos

Found 27th May 2014
Home dect phone with 2mp front camera.
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Also £49.99 @ home base, would've been 15% off too this weekend just gone!
Shame missed that one. Still decent price I think
is there any other reasonably priced home smart phones?

or at least a futuristic style one?
Another one voted cold why?

Is it cheaper somewhere else?

Does it have bad reviews?

Or are there a bunch of w#####s with nothing better to do than just cold vote everything they don't understand.
That's why people don't like posting deals because of these fools

Does it have bad reviews?

It does im afraid. Every website review seems to state that even at the loudest setting the volume is incredibly bad on these phones.

The other alternative for similar money is the Archos, but that seems to have bad reviews on its own merit.

Theres a BT Smart/Home Phone going for around £70-80, which has marginally better reviews - but after some investigation, it appears that theres no real ground-breaking-box-ticking-home-smart-phone on the market at the moment.

FYI This is also £49.99 on the Argos eBay Page (for anyone with random PayPal funds sitting there)
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