Binatone latitude 100 twin walkie talkie - £13.78 amazon warehouse

Binatone latitude 100 twin walkie talkie - £13.78 amazon warehouse



Good price for these!
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Want to get a hete dele xx

Solde for £20.99 on eBay + pp so good dele
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Anyone who lives in Milton Keynes can get extra 5% discount by selling me your house xxx
These are great if anyone is heading to Disney... really handy way of staying in touch for free.
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Thanks for your comment huni, by any chance do you live in milton Keynes so I can buy your house xxx
Used - Like New. Need to mention in OP that the price is for used walkie talkies not new. And no I don't live in Milton Keynes so can't sell you a house :-)
OP - I have just discovered an amazing website where you can see the houses for sale in Milton Keynes. It's called 'Rightmove'.

To help you out, this is a link for it (with a search related to Milton Keynes)…1.0

Whatever next eh! (_;)

I cant imagine why anyone with a mobile and free minutes would want these, old tech for the kids
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