Binatone Terrain 550 Two Way Radio - Twin 29.99 @ Argos

Binatone Terrain 550 Two Way Radio - Twin 29.99 @ Argos

Found 28th Sep 2008
I was looking for some good quality walkie talkie. They look quite good considering the long range quoted on them.

* 304 channel combinations.

* Scan function.

* 8 km range.

* 5 Call alert tone.

* Requires 4 x AAA size Ni-MH rechargeable batteries (supplied).

* Battery level indicator.

* Battery low warning.

* Volume control.

* Signal transmit & receive indication.

* Backlit display.

* Keypad lock.

* Belt clip.

* TRUSOUND - pioneering noise reduction technology delivering enhanced sound quality.

* SBS - Superbright illuminated backlit display.

* VOX.

* Stop watch.

* Dual watch.

* Supports headsets.
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Not particularly a hot price though.

Get them delivered from John Lewis for same price without having to get of you bum.…spx
thanks tomb 676 posts a rcord
one four, one four for a copy.....
In my experience (2 different binatone PMR sets) reliability is an issue (as with Binatone telephones too).

I would look elsewhere for PMRs for skiing usage. Motorola (which is what everyone uses) dont seem as good as some of other cheaper brands I have tried/owned, so each set needs to be judged on its own merit.

YMMV, but IMO the signal strenght/ audio/ build quality does vary greatly.
I bought two sets of two a few months ago for use in the disney theme parks.
Batteries last about 1 day, range is OK, but not fabulous - I'd say between 1/2 and 1 mile in a built up area.
Good enough for keeping in contact on days out, but I wouldnt recommend them for any serious walkers expecting the full range out of them.

Build quality is very good.

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