Binatone Twin-Pack Terrain 550 PMR Two-Way Radios £29.99 @ Maplin

Binatone Twin-Pack Terrain 550 PMR Two-Way Radios £29.99 @ Maplin

Found 31st Aug 2010
With an impressive range of up to 8km, the Terrain 500 can keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues where most walkie talkies would suffer. The vox technology and excellent noise reduction features make sure the sound reproduction is excellent and with a dual drop in charger, it's easy to store and keep the battery recharged.

The ultimate long-range two-way radio
8km range (depending on terrain)
304 channel combinations
Trusound - pioneering noise reduction technology
Dual desktop charger pod in stylish design
Rechargeable batteries
Superbright illuminated backlit display
VOX technology - handsfree technology

To buy in store at £29.99, (delivered extra at £2.99) offer expires 07/09/2010. Looking for a decent pair of long range two way radios at under £30 and these fit the bill. Have a separate charging station as well.

Argos £39.99
Amazon £32.69


Good price for such a range.

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Good price for such a range.

Ive had these before, They reach to the top of my road and struggles, 2 min walk by the way

Bought a set of these from Morrisons on Saturday for £12.49...exact same model on clearance. Work very well, but do get interference from other users, even of different frequencies. Tried it out maybe 500m away and was fine.
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