Binoculars ~ Compact 10x25 DCF - SUPER SPECIAL £4.99 @ 7dayshop
Binoculars ~ Compact 10x25 DCF  - SUPER SPECIAL £4.99 @ 7dayshop

Binoculars ~ Compact 10x25 DCF - SUPER SPECIAL £4.99 @ 7dayshop

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Binoculars black, greem and blue choose one just for £5 !

AN AMAZING PRICE - Top Quality Glass Coated Optics - 100% Guaranteed to Please !!Super smart silver metal and black rubber armoured body combined

Special Price £4.99 Delivered
UK RRP £39.99
Your Saving £35.00

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nice, ordered. Heat Added

Hi tas,

I know these are a good price and one shouldn't expect 'everything' but, do you know, do these have Diopter Adjustment?

For those that are not familiar with that terminology, 'Diopter Adjustment' allows binoculars to be set up to suit BOTH eyes. Most people do not have the same vision strength in both eyes. With Binoculars with Dioptic Adjustment, you focus the binoculars onto a point in the distance using the lens WITHOUT the Dioptic Adjuster and your 'other eye' closed. Once that lens is focussed for it's corresponding eye (left or right depending on the binoculars), you then close that eye, open your other eye and use the Dioptic Adjuster (on the other lens), to focus the lens to the other eye. Your binoculars are now set perfectly for your eyes. When you look through them with BOTH eyes, the image will be perfectly focused for both eyes. Non Dioptic Adjustment Binoculars will not give as clear, focussed and defined an image.

EDIT: Sorry tas, just clicked your link!!! DOH!!! YES these DO have Dioptic Adjustment! Quote from the site:

separate r/h eyepiece diopter adjustment

That being the case, these Binoculars are VERY NICE! Hot from me!

Thanks for posting this! I wanted a pair of binoculars for an upcoming holiday but didnt think I could afford them, but i can at this price, yay!

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U welcome , cheers

got some, no way worth anything more than a tenner but decent little Binoculars

Very nice, good for keeping an eye on the birds from next door :w00t:

Got mine. They are great wee binoculars, exactly what I needed for my sightseeing holiday of the Highlands. They even come with a cute little protective case and a lens cloth! Bargain! :-D

Up to £5.49 now. Added heat as i've just bought them for my nephews as part of their Xmas prezzies, sound good for the price.
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