Bio-Oil 200ml £9.33 @ Amazon
Bio-Oil 200ml £9.33 @ Amazon

Bio-Oil 200ml £9.33 @ Amazon

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"Bio Oil is a specialist skincare product that helps improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone."

If you use it, good price at the moment! Some people make the mistake of using too much and saying its greasy, use sparingly it is expensive!

Normal Amazon price is £11-12 and high street is £15-£20


no scientific evidence or reasoning for the belief that this improves any of the above.


thnks,i use it. it does evens skin tone.i dont know about rest but it does make my skin glow. good price. voted hot.

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I told nobody if I was using anything and got comments asking if I used anything to improve my condition. Anyway this is for those who use it and those who may want to try, each to their own.

voted hot and it works for me

Also available in Costco. They have £3 off coupon starting 31/8/10. Cannot remember price...

just checked offer starts 31.08.10 to 19.09.10 = 2x220ml for £19.96 inc VAT or £16.99 ex VAT.
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I used this during 2 pregnancies and have only one faint stretch mark.


I used this during 2 pregnancies and have only one faint stretch mark.

I think it depends on the fitness of the person. Say if they do keep fit, running, and stuff, there skin stretches flexibley, but if the person doesnt keep fit, run etc, then the skin is not used to stretching and stretch marks apear?. thats what i heard. i have stretch marks, i had some when i was a kid, about 8ish on my upper arms, and wondered why, and i think its caused by growing too.

I put on loads of weight during my first pregnancy (which I've now lost thankfully). I got stretch marks on the top of my thighs because I only used this on my bump. This has reduced the colour but not taken them away. Definitely better as a preventative than cure.


not even good as a preventative I'm afraid. Its biologically impossible for this oil to prevent stretch marks. Literally impossible.
Its a triumph of marketing that they manage to fool so many women into repeatedly buying this nonsense.

it's 9.29 now
common 300+ people can't be wrong



it's 9.29 nowcommon 300+ people can't be wrong

evidently, they can
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