bio oil £7 Superdrug

bio oil £7 Superdrug

Found 2nd Oct 2016
£7 Superdrug, also online as a starbuy!

125ml bottle.

- louiselouise

£6.30 with an NUS Extra card in store
- DreamerV
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Cheers Op! Ordered
I saw this in primark at the tills for 6 quid, can't find it in site though.
nice find op, heat
These look like the 100ml can get the 200ml bottles for this price off Amazon if you buy a few.
when you buy 2 bio oil you will get gift Free Patisserie de Bain Gift Set
200ml for £8 delivered here

2 x 200ml for £14.39…357
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200ml for £8 delivered here x … 200ml for £8 delivered here x 200ml for £14.39

This eBay product is fake, look at negative feedbacks.
Plenty of fakes on ebay
Whats so good about this oil?

Whats so good about this oil?

If you get it in your eyes it doesn't sting that much
This stuff is not good. Didn't help much with my fried egg the other night.. Sh1tty aftertaste...

This eBay product is fake, look at negative feedbacks.Plenty of fakes on … This eBay product is fake, look at negative feedbacks.Plenty of fakes on ebay

I did look at ebay Feedback before posting (as I wouldn't want to mislead HUKDers) and the Feedback looked okay?

My brother's looking for some for a football scar, a nurse recommended it to him.

Edit: Mind you, I see some negs here, must have been my bleary 1am eyes

Guess everything gets faked nowadays!
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That stuff doesn't even work
I tend to use these oils as my "Oil Cleansing Method" once or twice a week. This one may be worth looking at if you don't want to spend big bucks. Osiris Avise (think that was a Lidl brand??) Recovery Oil.

Reviews on Amazon are pretty good!…ary?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1&sortBy=helpful

I've seen the Osiris Avise oil in £1 shops, Home Bargains, Savers and the like. Had a bottle put away in my bathroom cabinet.
i think the problem is that people pop it on in the hope that itll 'magic' the scar/ or whatever, away, like a mysterious balm or ointment. currently nursing my boy through bruns scars, ive learnt that the real goodness is in the quality of the massage, not necessarily the ointment, which makes the difference. ive tried Bio oil, infact i bought it recently, but struggled to get a good quality massage with it, so for me, i didnt get on with it. i prefer a good aqueous cream tbh.
There's a ton of methods for dealing with scars (acne in my case).

I've tried Vaculifters (they're suction devices that massage the skin, bone and apparently help to rebuild collagen, Dermarollers (bit of a nightmare, you have to use numbing cream but it's still not fun), even at-home laser devices like Palovia and Philips' Reaura. Some hardy souls use diabetic needles to break up scars.

Topicals such as Bio Oil or Retin-A apparently help remodelling, but I've never had any miracle skin recovery occur. My skin probably looks better but it definitely doesn't look "cured".
If you're willing to spend £6 on this. At least look into a 100% cold pressed oils... In fact basic sweet almond oil will work better and cost less and like someone rightly said before, the movement is actually what's important
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