Bio Synergy Pure Energy Powder Orange 1KG Was £11.24 NOW £3.74 Instore @ Tesco!
Bio Synergy Pure Energy Powder Orange 1KG Was £11.24 NOW £3.74 Instore @ Tesco!

Bio Synergy Pure Energy Powder Orange 1KG Was £11.24 NOW £3.74 Instore @ Tesco!

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Found this in Tesco Extra St Rollox this morning, had a few left on shelf, dont know what its like but looks pretty good and cant complain for the money! Cant find online, but please note i did not find this is the health supplements area, i found it alongside all of the protein shakes in the sport/exercise dept.

£12.19 on amazon

If you want to get the most out of life you need to feel 100%. Packing a boost on demand, Bio-Synergy Pure Energy is an isotonic drink which will make you feel fantastic and ready to take on the world.

Whether you are working out or leading a busy life, Pure Energy will work for you. It replaces fluids faster than water, hydrating you quickly while you are exercising. Good hydration is essential for energy levels¹. A slight drop in hydration can lead to a massive drop in get-up-and-go. While exercising it's important to ensure you are well hydrated before, during and after your session or match - and Bio-synergy Pure Energy is perfect for every stage.

On rest days or if you don't work out, Pure Energy is still great to have to hand whenever you need some extra oomph. It comes in powder form and dissolves easily in water to provide a tasty drink with benefits. It's great for busy days when you don't have time to grab a snack, if you are on the move it can be taken, ready mixed in a bottle with you and if you're feeling the effects of dehydration or even a hangover, Pure Energy can get you back on track and feeling fab quickly.

The dextrose and maltodextrin in Pure Energy mean the fluid is absorbed into the body quickly, providing an instant energy boost and enhanced endurance levels. They also help maintain blood sugar levels so you don't get dips which leave you feeling weak or reaching for unhealthy foods.

Bio-Synergy Pure Energy also contains electrolytes. These are mineral salts including sodium, chloride, potassium and magnesium and help regulate fluid balance and the amount of fluid in the bloodstream. If you're sweating them you'll be losing electrolytes which will affect the volume of your blood and fluid levels within it². The electrolytes in Pure Energy will restore the balance.
While we've added benefits, we've left out the nasties so you'll find no artificial flavourings, colours or sweeteners.

Want to perform at your best? Make it Happen with Bio-Synergy Pure Energy!

Key Benefits:

# Increases hydration - fast
# Sustained energy release
# Tastes great and easy to use
# Free from artificial flavours, colours and sweeteners
# Great value cost per serving



Is not bad if you do a lot of long cycle rides/ lots of exercise etc where you need energy drinks.
All you do is mix it with water in your drinks bottle,dont taste to bad either
I tend to do it the night before and shove it in fridge overnight

hot deal

Is that the Tesco next to Costco ?

Original Poster


Is that the Tesco next to Costco ?

yes :thumbsup:

grabbed the last 2 tubs at local :-D

no price on shelf but scanned at 3.74 each

not bad for a kilo of isotonic powder :thumbsup:
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