Bionaire Air Purifier with Permanent Filters and Particle Sensor £99.99 @ Amazon

Bionaire Air Purifier with Permanent Filters and Particle Sensor £99.99 @ Amazon

Found 12th Jun
In the constant pursuit of pure living solutions, Bionaire® has developed advanced technology to help homeowners find a balance between air-tight construction and clean indoor air. With sleek, attractive designs and energy-efficient technology, Bionaire® air purifiers can improve the air quality in your home. Air purifiers (also known as air cleaners) remove odours and common airborne pollutants from the environment by drawing air through a filter system. Reducing airborne allergens and irritants such as pollen, mould, dust, pet dander and tobacco smoke can reduce symptoms of allergies and hay fever. Air purifiers also remove odours and chemicals from household cleaners and furnishings, helping homeowners create a pure and healthy indoor living environment. The Bionaire® Air Purifier with Permanent Filter (BAP1700) features a stylish pearly white finish and includes 2 permanent HEPA-type filters that never need to be replaced. Simply vacuum them regularly for optimum use. The air particle sensor automatically selects the best cleaning level. It uses a light scattering method, which measures the distance between the sensor, the laser light source and the particles. If anything interrupts the sensor and light source then the air purifier identifies them as particles and automatically adjusts the speed for optimal filtration. This may sound very technical but will essentially ensure that you always have clean fresh air whether your home is packed with airborne allergens or there are only a few floating around! Other features include a washable pre-filter, 8 hour timer, quiet operation for use at night, 4 speed settings, LED filter indicator and manual direction control for convenience.
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