Bionaire Oil-Filled Radiator (1000W) inc 5 Years Warranty - £29.99 del @ JohnLewis

Bionaire Oil-Filled Radiator (1000W) inc 5 Years Warranty - £29.99 del @ JohnLewis

Found 3rd Nov 2006
Bionaire Oil-Filled Radiator (1000W) inc 5 Years Warranty is now available for £29.99 inc FREE delivery from

Good price for a 1KW oil-filled radiator with 5 years warranty. There are cheaper ones, for eg. Challenge 1KW heaters from £28 @ Argos but with 1 year standard warranty. IMO, its worth paying £2 extra and buy a QUALITY one with 5 yrs warranty.

Buy 2 for £50 using the £10 off £50 vouchers.

Description : This Bionaire BOH1000 oil-filled radiator has compact oil chambers that heats up quickly. It has a choice of 3 heat settings, with thermostatic control for easy room temperature control. The BOH1000 also has two large rear wheels for easy portability.
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[COLOR=dimgray]Dimensions H60 x W36.5 x D21cm
Guarantee 5 years
Thermostat Yes
Wattage 1kW
Weight 9kg[/COLOR]

Few more options .....

[COLOR=darkred]Challenge 700W Mini Oil Filled Radiator[/COLOR]

Price : £24.99

Where: ]Argos


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[COLOR=dimgray]700w heating power.
Compact miniature design.
Easy grip handle for portability.
Neon indicator.
Adjustable thermostatic temperature control.
Overheat protection.
Size (H)37, (W)44, (D)14cm.

[/COLOR][COLOR=darkred]Challenge 1.5kW Oil-filled Radiator[/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]Price: £27.99[/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]Where: ]Argos[/COLOR]


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[COLOR=dimgray]Light grey.
1.5kW output.
3 heat settings.
Variable thermostat control.
Overheat safety cut-out.
Neon power indicator.
Cable tidy.
Integral carry handle.
Floorstanding only.
Size (H)64, (W)22, (D)35cm (including castors).
Weight 8.9kg.[/COLOR]

Another cute looking old-fashioned one from John Lewis

[COLOR=sienna]EHS Fan Heater 2000W Ceramic element FAN heater[/COLOR]

Price: £27.95 inc FREE delivery

Where: ]JohnLewis

[image missing]

Behind its old-fashioned looking walnut veneer front panel, the EHS PWCH-1801A hides an efficient 2kW ceramic element with 2 heat and speed settings, plus a cool setting for all-year-round use. It has an adjustable thermostat, plus an auto-frost and safety cut-out feature – and a useful carry handle.

I've just been looking on kelkoo after this and seem to have quite a few possible bargains. There's one of the same make (different model number) that looks like the onr posted originally for £25ish delivered.

The review was quite useful too - the reviewer siad it wasn;t all that warm - better to buy a 2kw version with variable controls (ie so you don;t necessarilly use 2kw if you don't need to)
I went to have a look around at these sort of things today and whilst in B&Q I spotted a 2.5 Kw, with digital timer, thermostat etc. - B&Q "Airforce" - on the shelf at £44.98.


They are giving away those plug things which let you know how much energy is being used (find out what standby really costs etc.). These plugs are up for £24.99 which I think is overpriced - I think when they were in aldi they were about £9? Anyway - you get it free.......which is strange considering the offer is for a free plug when you buy ANY "airforce" heating product......and you cna buy a 2kw fan heater for £15.98

When I got to the till I had a lot of hassle as they had run out if the promo leaflets you are supposed to use......but it seemed to come up on the till for £38. Nice.

So 2.5Kw digital oil filled radiator & enery stats plug - £38

and don;t forget if you want one of the plugs you can just buy a £16 fan heater
I was in Tesco this morning, and they had 700w oild filled radiators, part of the value range for £14.99. Not sure if that's a bargain or not, depends on what ya want i guess
I am looking to buy one.

thepearce, Is the B&Q offer still available? Is it possible for you to give me the B&Q product code.

Thank you.
Have a look in Homebase as they usually have good prices ~£33-5ish on more powerful rads with a timer. Of course the one problem they all have is storage space when you're not using them.

I am looking to buy one.thepearce, Is the B&Q offer still available? Is … I am looking to buy one.thepearce, Is the B&Q offer still available? Is it possible for you to give me the B&Q product code.Thank you.

That was the price on Sunday (at least for me).

Some things on the box :

barcode : 05075171

The receipt just says AF OILRAD
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