Bionic Commando PS3 £7 instore @ Tesco

Bionic Commando PS3 £7 instore @ Tesco

Found 2nd Jan 2009Made hot 3rd Jan 2009
In store Southport


Awesome deal, my cousin brought a pre-owned copy from blockbuster as part of the 2 for £30 deal last nite, lol at him

Hey, I was just about to post this, But because you had already i posted the Bioshock deal, did you notice any copys in your store to confirm its a nationwide deal?…ps3

yeah it's nationwide, was tempted myself but picked up splinter cell for a tenner instead,might get it tomorrow though ;-) (same price on xbox 360 as well)

I bought this a few weeks back but I didn't think it was that good the controls felt too sloppy and if you die you have to start the whole stage from the beginning. Still though for £7 it's worth checking out.

Picked one of these up last neet, price marked at £15 btw

Went to pick up a copy from Tesco in Mickleover Derby for £7 but scanned through at £4.50 so can't be bad. Agree though that it is most likely going to be a big pile of chud...:)
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