Bionic Commando (Xbox 360/PS3) - £3.99 ea @ HMV
Bionic Commando (Xbox 360/PS3) - £3.99 ea @ HMV

Bionic Commando (Xbox 360/PS3) - £3.99 ea @ HMV

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Excellent price


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I picked this up at HMV instore for £3. I it's good for those who don't live close to an HMV and thus would be cheaper than a bus ride into town and back.

Yeah, it was £3 for ages, but I still think this is cheaper than elsewhere.

Not a bad game. Not mind blowing but still fun and well fro £3 can't grumble at all.

Just bought it, £3.99 is nothing really isn't it? thanks

Tried to get this instore for £3 and when I went to the desk they didn't have the disc for it! Refuse to pay the extra 99p now!

One of my games of the gen, go grab it folks.

fantastic game, sure is hard though.

thanks. got 360 and ps3 ones for presents.
£7.98 for two presents cant be bad..

i paid 18 for this, and not even on the proper game yet!! its sooooo hard

Cheers - Gone for this to add to my huge pile of games to be played.

cool thanx

Brilliant game if you can get passed the cheesy voice acting! Way underrated.

nice 1 cheers!

Nearly went for this, but after checking some video reviews and looking at my stack of unplayed, higher rated games, i decided to give this a miss.

Heated though.
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I bought this for £8 about 6 months ago.
Great game for £3, gets a bit boring after while just jumping around. i never clocked it, just gave up on level 4 or something.

might as well for £3.99, thanks

I enjoyed this game, it's not mind blowing but very much worth this price. It's a challenge but as long as you get used to the bionic arm its not too bad.

Finshed this again the day before yesterday, definitely worth it. I'm telling you now, DON'T bother with the collectables because they really spoil it and you have to get every one on a single playthrough and if you miss one there's no going back. The challenges it sets are really worth doing, though, and make it a lot more fun.

Definitely worth £3!


Definitely worth £3!

But is it worth £4? X)


But is it worth £4? X)

lol my bad. Its luke warm worth £4

the ps3 one shows 6.99 online?????

360 version listed as 3.99 but comes up as 6.99 at checkout, as usual with HMV recently.

is it an instore deal only ?

Went through at £3.99 for me (Xbox 360 Version)

Not sure why this is expired, I found one at £3 at my local HMV!

I've been trying my local HMV's for agesssss for this since it was last posted. Still no luck though
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