Bionic Woman - Season 1 DVD £3.43 at ASDA Entertainment Free Delivery

Bionic Woman - Season 1 DVD £3.43 at ASDA Entertainment Free Delivery

Found 19th Mar 2010
Jamie Sommers is a hard-working woman struggling to take care of her younger sister. But after a serious, life-threatening accident, Jamie is saved by a top-secret procedure that makes her much more than just an ordinary woman... it makes her superhumanly bionic.

I quite enjoyed this series!



Not bad, but this is £3.14 at Sendit using code SCI10

Not a bad deal for £3.43 but this was finished mid season and never had the chance to get going.


Save your money!

Save your FAMILY!! From watching this [COLOR="Red"]TRIPE[/COLOR]

Honestly, joking aside, it didn't get a chance because it was big pants and didn't deserve a chance.

... did I mention I thought it was awful? :? :?

Cancelled after the first (truncated) season. No point in bothering to watch it, IMHO.

I watched the series through last week, and I quite enjoyed it, although mediocre is probably the fairest word to use to describe it. Mediocre bordering onto positive, maybe. If Michelle Ryan wasn't a total ****, I probably wouldn't have bothered, mind you.

I think she is hot, not sure this is though !!

its only about 8 episodes - hardly worth it

She'll be back in Eastenders soon enough!
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