Bionic Woman - Season 1 DVD £3.45 Delivered @ TheHut

Bionic Woman - Season 1 DVD £3.45 Delivered @ TheHut

Found 15th Mar 2010
Jamie Sommers is a hard-working woman struggling to take care of her younger sister. But after a serious, life-threatening accident, Jamie is saved by a top-secret procedure that makes her much more than just an ordinary woman... it makes her superhumanly bionic.


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Yeah it was rubbish....... but at this price delivered makes a nice cheap door stop. or if you have a wonky table you could use the dvd itself to wedge under the leg.... or if you have a thing for that girl from eastenders..... well you get the picture :whistling:

Can anyone else think of any uses for this dvd?

I can normally watch drivel, but this was so utterly bad I gave up after a few episodes.

Great price for a whole season of entertainment, but it's a shame this isn't even worth it at £3.49.

Voted Hot for the deal, but if I could it would be voted sub-thermal for the content.

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CEX will exchange this for £4 or buy for £2...... for when you get sick of looking at her face ;-)…ell

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2p cheaper at Asda … 2p cheaper at Asda ;)

Blimey.... well spotted!


crap but michelle ryan has lovely tits


Total rubbish made worst by the fake American accent and
the way she runs with her hands fully extented it just looks stupid.

No wonder the ratings were low, the original is better.

Don't like Michelle Ryan - maybe because she was in East-Enders which I can't stand.

i love her and would buy this and lick the cover every day to show my love for her
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