Bionicle Heroes (XBOX 360) £8.00 Delivered + 7% Quidco!

Bionicle Heroes (XBOX 360) £8.00 Delivered + 7% Quidco!

Found 17th Jan 2008
I know that this isn't meant to be the best game but my little boy has wanted it for a while, and for this price thought that it must be worth a go. Currently in stock at Tesco Jersey for £8.00. Don't forget to go through Quidco for another 7% (56p). This makes it £7.44 delivered.


its not the best game but the kids will like it, my 7yrd old thinks it's brilliant, you just have to remember the reviewers review it based on other more adult technically advanced games. If you have a 7-10 yr old I'm pretty sure they will enjoy it.

Excellent price - Young lad was after this when it launched, but I made him wait until the price was right :whistling:
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