Bioshock 2 - 360 - £9.99 @ GAME (online and instore)
Bioshock 2 - 360 - £9.99 @ GAME (online and instore)

Bioshock 2 - 360 - £9.99 @ GAME (online and instore)

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Deep under the sea lies a glittering city. Rapture: founded to be a last beacon of enlightened civilisation… now it's anything but. Welcome back to the watery hell of BioShock 2.
The original BioShock won more than 50 Game Of The Year awards. BioShock 2 returns to the same stunning drowned city. This time, ten years after BioShock, events take a truly shocking twist… you are the original, prototype "Big Daddy". Trapped in a metal armoured case, you can experience the powers of one of Rapture's most-feared denizens.
With terrifying new inhabitants to face off against, BioShock 2 adds new genetic plasmid enhancements and new combat elements to further immerse you into BioShock's groundbreaking mix of intense and strategic action, spooky setpiece environments and deep and twisted storytelling; and for the first time, multi-player modes, so you're not ever truly alone in Rapture.


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I saw it instore today at Buchanan Galleries branch, and its online at this price too.

It won't let me edit in the direct link so here it is:

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Good price,but it has been posted today

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Thats the PC version, they are usually cheaper anyway. First time I've seen 360 version, new for this price.

By the way the 360 version is also£10 at Gamestation
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got the 360 version online just over a week ago for £7.99 at game online

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Sorry imdave it was here … Sorry imdave it was here http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/bioshock-2-for-9-99-new-pc-xbox-ps3/724761 at gamestation.

Gameplay link and gamestation gets a mention in the comments.

is this game worth it ?? i been wanting it for a while thanks for post

At this price it's definitely worth it. I wouldn't say I enjoyed it quite as much as the first, but it was marginal. The atmosphere is what did it for me in the first, and it's great in this too.

I'm playing the first at the moment on survivor its actually pretty good so i might buy this when it eventually comes back in stock..

for the ps3.

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Expired! Reposting the hottest deal of the … Expired! Reposting the hottest deal of the week...http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/bioshock-2-9-99-ps3-360-pc-game-co-/723612/#post9068544

Well they can expire this, when the other one get unexpired as the deal is obviously still on. I couldn't find drake57's thread when I searched, must be as its been "expired", so I posted my thread.
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