Bioshock 2: Collector's Edition PS3/XBOX (2% Quidco) £22.99 @ Gamegears

Bioshock 2: Collector's Edition PS3/XBOX (2% Quidco) £22.99 @ Gamegears


Waiting for Zavvi/HMV/Amazon/Play to drop the price to £17.99 before I buy.

Decent price though.

good price; the rapture edition was down to £18 or so a while back, as well - these special eds tend to drop down after awhile - nice to bide your time!

nice find, OP

After a few months these are much better value, this has a (in my opinion) rediculous RRP, but this is a good price!

Well spotted!


Superb price. I'm a bit surprised this has dropped so much though considering the original BioShock collector's edition's price is still respected with regards to having all components including the usually broken figurine.

Both the PS3 and 360 versions are out of stock

Great price, I bought one from Play for £25 and that was excellent IMO. Well worth the money if they're ever back in stock.

Yeah I bought one from Play for £25 (had a voucher so had to buy something and couldn't find anything else of interest).
Really impressed with the quality and the contents although I would like Bioshock1 OST on CD.
If anyone wants a copy then you can get one here..

I've just checked and they are indeed £24.99 on Play, and in stock, so if you're looking for this then it's only an extra couple of quid for what is essentially a really good quality collector's edition.
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