Bioshock 2 For PC - £4.99 *Instore* @ Game

Bioshock 2 For PC - £4.99 *Instore* @ Game

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Saw this in the Norwich GAME shop the other day, thought it was a great price.

Other games in the 3 for 10 included Kane and Lynch 2, Sins of a Solar Empire, Theme Hospital, Old Medal of Honour Games and Worms 2/ Armaggeddon just to name a few.


Utterly brilliant game. Just finished it on the laptop. IMHO, even better than the first Bioshock. Hot from me.

coming up as £27.99? any direct link?


sorry just re-read... in store only i take it.
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Agree with Joe90, finished this a few weeks back and have to say it was on par with the first game for atmosphere but the shooter mechanics were more refined and it was genuinely briliant to go back to rapture.

Enjoyed it so much I picked up a cheap copy for xbox just to play Minervas Den (which I got cheap in the 2K LIVE Deal) as it is supposed to be one of the best DLC's out there and not out on pc yet...

if you enjoyed the first, and avoided after the reviews sceptical of tarnishing the memory, for a fiver it is deffo worth the trip back to rapture, and you may actually be surprised...

drop_dead_budgie just … just re-read... in store only i take it.

i think its a game and not game connection, op just selected wrong retailer in drop down.
i think.

good game god price

Trade-in prices anywhere?

Thanks, bought this today alongside kane & lynch 2 and total war... Others were mass effect 1, harry potter collection, hawx, rome 2, sims 2, sonic the hedgehog collection, roller coaster tycoon collection, csi game, a few different medal of honour games old ones... And thats all I can remember.....

Was in there a few days ago, the two-for-15 deal wasn't too bad either. Steamworks Just Cause 2 and Crysis Mega Pack almost put a dent in my bank account.

i got this deal a couple weeks ago and i got Bioshock, Dead Space and Rome Total War for £10. sweet ass deal!! i thought this would be up here already so i didnt do it haha my bad!


FYI cheapest online is about £7 … FYI cheapest online is about £7…712
"rarewaves" on playtrade sell it for just under £6, I got mine in the post yesterday.
Took about a week and a half, but I live outside the UK.

Thanks for the heads up. Just picked up Bioshock 2, Mass Effect, and Elven Legacy Collection for a tenner. Sweet!
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