Bioshock 2 PC £17.99 + 5% Quidco @ Coolshop

Bioshock 2 PC £17.99 + 5% Quidco @ Coolshop

Found 26th Feb 2010
Bioshock 2 for £17.99 on PC including shipping.
There is another deal for this price but for those who have Coolshop accounts this works out better with Quidco at 5%



Thanks for posting.It is good practice to also add the merchant to the title. It helps people who are just browsing through. And in my experience your post will get a few more “hot” votes.
Emmajk42 / Juliet_Bravo wrote a couple of very comprehensive and excellent guides for newcomers to HUKD here: -…ne/…177
They are well worth taking a look at.
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Same price at Amazon (which would be better service)

This is a great price and heat added for that.

But a word of warning to PC gamers that like to use a 360 controller. There is no support for ANY controller. Despite over 1000 post thread and with over 40000 views on the 2K forum the developers are not going to add controller support on this game.

It's a bit of a disapointment as Bioshock 1 supported 360 controller and was a great game. So it's not an ideal game if you like to play on your HTPC and kick back on your sofa!!
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