Bioshock 2 PS3 & XBOX 360 only £6.85 Delivered @ simplygames
Bioshock 2 PS3 & XBOX 360 only £6.85 Delivered @ simplygames

Bioshock 2 PS3 & XBOX 360 only £6.85 Delivered @ simplygames

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Step back into the beautiful and unforgettable world of Rapture in BioShock 2, the next installment in the franchise that has won more than 50 Game of the Year Awards. BioShock 2 provides players with the perfect blend of explosive First Person Shooter combat and compelling storytelling to form one of 2009’s most highly anticipated titles.

•Evolution of the Genetically Enhanced Shooter: Visceral combat reaches new levels of exhilaration. New elements, such as the ability to dual-wield weapons and new plasmids, bring new depth and dimension to each encounter.

•Return to Rapture: Set 10 years after the events of the original BioShock, the story continues with a deeper, more intense journey through one of the most captivating and terrifying fictional worlds ever created.
You Are the Big Daddy: Take control of BioShock’s signature and iconic symbol and experience the power and raw strength of Rapture’s most feared denizens as you battle powerful new enemies.

•Introducing the Big Sister: An evolution and hybrid of the most iconic characters in BioShock. She combines the powers the Big Daddy and the Little Sister, making her a fearsome, brutal antagonist.

•Continuation of the Award-Winning Narrative: New and unique storytelling devices serve as the vehicle for the continuation of one of gaming’s most unique and acclaimed storylines.

•Underwater Exploration Changes the Landscape: For the first time, explore the ocean floor and experience life outside of Rapture.

•Multiplayer: The addition of exhilarating multiplayer! The most anticipated new feature, as requested by feedback from our fans and and extensive brand research.


If you have resisted so far from buying this (it has been below £10 for ages), buy it at this price!! Its a great game, fun to play. the online is quite slow, but still adds a couple of hours of fun.

Bought this for twice the price months and months ago. Still haven't found time to start playing it - every time I see another cheaper bioshock 2 deal I die a little bit more inside. REMINDER TO SELF - MUST NOT BUY MORE GAMES (until all older ones are played).

Amazon and eBay are doing them around 7 pound. Wouldn't say this was an amazing deal.

its a pish game, get BFBC 2, go online and its the only game you will play for months.

i loved the bioshock games even though it is short still loads of fun, shame its crshed in price so much as it buggered me trading games in

If you don't mind buying it pre-owned I saw it in Game earlier today for £4.95
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