Bioshock 2 rapture edition (PS3) £9.99 delivered @ choicesuk

Bioshock 2 rapture edition (PS3) £9.99 delivered @ choicesuk

Found 9th Jan 2011
We bet every man has referred to himself as the Big Daddy at least once in his life. In the world of Rapture though, Big Daddy is no term of pimping endearment. No, the art deco-modelled underwater paradise is crawling with huge, walking diving suits with rivet guns and drills grafted onto their arms. And in BioShock 2, you get to play as the very first prototype. Big Daddies were never too far away from the Little Sisters that would accompany them. Set ten years after the events of the original game, girls are being snatched above water by a monster and then dumped in the city of Rapture.

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