Bioshock 2, Xbox 360, £7.99 @ game

Bioshock 2, Xbox 360, £7.99 @ game

Found 9th Jul 2010Made hot 9th Jul 2010
Bioshock 2 is now down to £7.99 at it seems... Xbox 360 version only, however!




Mega hot...... is this game any good?

Monkey nuts 2

Mega hot...... is this game any good?

Good game, great price.
It´s not as good as the first one though....



Thanks H&R


Thanks H&R

Erm, how do you rep on the new redesign???

Hate it when they make changes

Thanks. Just ordered a copy.

Just ordered this, have some H&R

Wow thats cheap for a brand new copy, I thought I did well to get it for £9.99 pre-owned 2 weeks ago!

Such a bargain.

Bargain - bought it on release, took about 12 hours to complete, really enjoyed it

H&R added

Hot =) H+R

Jus to mention 7% Quidco aswell drops the price to £7.44

had to order at this price, was trying to resist buying any games for a while

Great Price.

Hot from me, cheers - loved the first one


Incredible price, I personally never want to play this again though.

Baking hot! Heat and ordered

this is a disgustingly good price. BUY IT immediately

Epic deal. Bought. And heat added (I think)

Wow heat added, shame i already have it

Just bought, thanks.

Been waiting for this to go down in price, didnt expect it to be this cheap. ordered thanks

Great price but gonna skip this as there just isnt enough hours in the day to play this on top of everything else Ive got on the go at the moment!

Fantastic, come in handy for a present, thanks OP. H&R.

class. thanks.ordered. One of those games you want to take a punt on as heard its fantastic but the £40 puts you off. £8=quality find!

Game group have had some great deals on over the last month or two, makes a change as they rarely used to have anything good on.

Woo! nice one.

Almost got this at £13 the other week, used my £2.50 reward voucher and got it for £5.49...quidco too

anyone seen if this is instore too?

after it went 12.99 online, they matched it instore?!

weird how this has come down so quickly!?

nice find heat added

Now that's what I call a circus of value.

Just bought with £2.50 worth of points, fantastic value for the price


Been having a good time with my 360 over the last fortnight thanks to HUKD, with WET, Batman Arkam Asylum, Left 4 Dead 2, Ghostbusters and I recived my copy of Alan Wake from Zavvi this morning, which should keep me going over the weekend. (_;)

top deal... buy before it goes out of stock!!!!!!!!!!

Ordered, awesome deal, cheers.

i dont have an xbox, but that is an amazing price, hope the ps3 version comes down to same amount

Brilliant price, bought and heat added

MENTAL, still had 2.50 on my game card so i got bioshock 2 brand new for £5.50, amazing
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