BioShock for £12.41 [Xbox 360] @ Argos

BioShock for £12.41 [Xbox 360] @ Argos

Found 21st Sep 2009
First post, apolgies if it has already been posted. It also seems to work for Mirror's Edge and Velvet Assassin, but this game seemed to be the most appealing.

This is similair to the Argos deal earlier in August - I've tried it for 360, not sure if it works for PS3. Add BioShock to your basket, and then add another £17.59 game. It should show up as £12.41. Go through to reserve store pick up, and delete the other game. It should still be £12.41.

EDIT: Also works for Resistance 2.

EDIT: Why the coldness?


Didnt work when I just tried it ?

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It didn't work when I tried it for Home Delivery - do you have it on Home Delivery or Store pick up?

Doesn't seem to work mate

didn't work here either, sorry

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That's confusing - I think it's still working for me.

Whats the exact process you're using to get it t work?

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Add 2 £17.59 games - they have to be of the same console (both 360 games, both ps3 games etc). They should appear - one still £17.59, one £12.41. I chose Prince of Persia and BioShock, with BioShock appearing as the £12.41 one. Enter postcode, and it should take you to the reservation screen. Find a store that has both in stock, and tick. Then, delete the extra one (PoP in this case), and BioShock should still be appearing as £12.41. Reserve it.

They should honour it, not certain they will but eh.

They won't accept it. This trick has been tried many, many times in the past and the success rate is about 0.1%. It's £12.41 on your reservation, but it'll say £17.59 on their screen and they won't accept it.

Nice idea, though.
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