Bioshock [Steel Tin] (PC CDROM) - £11.99 delivered

Bioshock [Steel Tin] (PC CDROM) - £11.99 delivered

Found 20th May 2008Made hot 21st May 2008
Cheapest I've seen for Bioshock on the PC.

Highly rated on Metacritic.…ock

Note, the title says PC CDROM but the picture on Zavvi's website has PC DVD.
I can't imagine Bioshock being supplied on CD's so i'm guessing it is a mistype on the title or it is referring to format. i.e. this should come as a DVD…jsf




I started playing this on the Xbox before I upgraded my PC. I'm defiantly going to pick this up and test it out on my new rig. Great deal!

EDIT: I'm heading into the city centre this afternoon, I'll check if this is in store too. I don't think it will be though.

This has been ]posted before, and just to warn people, I am still waiting for my copy. :-(

I purchased the non-steel box version in zavvi a week or so ago for £15. Couldnt see this at the time so maybe its online only? Great price though, and good game so far!

This is an outstanding game. I bought it on the PC then realised that to get the best out of it I needed to buy it again on the Xbox360 - my PC just not quite coming up to scratch performance wise. I don't begrudge paying for it twice as I have had many enjoyable hours playing it to completion - utterly fantastic game. I'm sure at some point in the near future this will surface at a cheaper price still, as most PC games that are over a few months old tend to do, however even at this price it's worth every single penny.

Steel tin is just that - as far as I'm aware there is no difference to what you get content wise compared to the plastic box version.

Just make sure you play it late at night with the lights off and the sound up. And definitely no kids around!

Hotter than a hot thing!

It is a DVD by the way.

A good price.

I just paid £15 at HMV/Zavvi over the weekend for the normal version. NOT happy!

One of the best FPS experiences I've had, up there with CoD4 IMO. A great buy at this price!

This is an outstanding game, deserves to be full price

This is an absolute steal :-)

Great deal - finally got one!

Ordered one, thanks.

Would order immediately if I didn't have it already! HOT!

Just curious but has anyone had their order dispatched? I ordered mine on the 6th May and it is still on back order. :?

Hmm shows on the site as "Availability: Usually despatched within 3 - 5 days" yet on ordering you get a backorder email. Sounds to me like they don't know what they are doing.

I emailed them regarding the backorder situation and just received a default reply. I have absolutely no confidence that they will ever have it back in stock so I'm going to cancel and order the plastic box version from Amazon. Zavvvi are obviously just a bunch of wasters
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