BioShock Xbox 360 - £17.99 Delivered + 8% Quidco

BioShock Xbox 360 - £17.99 Delivered + 8% Quidco

Found 28th Feb 2008
Even cheaper than both deals in the past few weeks from and SoftUK- I've been waiting for it to get below 20 quid!

First post, so don't go too hard on me if I messed up somewhere!


awesome game - one of the best on the xbox360 imo....only cod4 is as good/maybe slightly better because it has multiplayer

cheers, been waiting for it to get to under £18.

heated & repped

This site keeps costing me money

Come up as £34.95 for me?

great game one of the must haves on the X360

brilliant game, heat added :thumbsup:


Come up as £34.95 for me?

Me too :thinking:

Expired methinks..

It's a good game.. sort of. It's got a good story and it's lovely to look at, but it's incredibly linear and there's a little too much back-tracking for some. Still a proper bargain at this price though.


i voted the last one @ £22 cold - now you know why - HOT @ this price!

thank god for that - it's expired, I promised I woulnd't buy anything else I don't need for a month but I'm not sure if I could have resisted at that price.

This is well worth a punt for under £20 - personaly wouldn't pay more as no multiplayer.


edit - well done by teh way - good spot

Good spot... but its now coming up as 34.95

This one's back in play at…522

17.99 + 1.99 P&P + 4% QC

I've had this since Jan, along with Half-life, but just haven't got round to playing them. Seem a waste dough as they decrease in value. :x

Deal is HOT!

Original Poster

Man, that price went back up pretty quick...couldn't have been £18 for more than a day or so.

At least the deal's still up!


Sorry this is now finished - Only had limited stock - which went very quick :thinking:

Mines been dispatched. Cant wait for this
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