Bioshock (XBox 360) - £22.49 at Gamestation! (Instore only, from the looks of it)
Bioshock (XBox 360) - £22.49 at Gamestation! (Instore only, from the looks of it)

Bioshock (XBox 360) - £22.49 at Gamestation! (Instore only, from the looks of it)

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Bioshock begins as your plane plummets into icy and uncharted waters and you are forced to enter a lighthouse oddly located in the middle of the ocean. Discovering a primitive diving bell inside the structure, you board it and travel to the bottom of the ocean and into the haunting world of 'The Rapture'.

You discover that 'The Rapture' was once a utopian society created shortly after The Second World war for only the best scientists, doctors and artists but has been ravaged after a war over 'Adam', a genetic enhancement that gives people almost superhuman powers.

Arriving after the great genetic war, the player finds the civilisation battered and blood-soaked, home only to those humans who were mutated beyond imagination by the very weapons they used in their great war.

As the player proceeds through the dark and violent society, they will encounter many of the mutated beings left over from the conflict, from small girls who feed off the dead to create 'Adam', to the 'Big daddies'- huge biomechanical creatures armed with deadly weapons.

The player will pass through the underwater buildings and harness 'Adam' to mutate themselves like the residents of 'The Rapture' to gain control of new weapons ranging from telekinesis to the ability to produce fire from your hands.

'The Rapture' itself is rusting and decaying, creating a city of fear without light, smeared with blood and filled the screams of its former citizens. As the game progresses, the player must employ new tactics to defeat some of the more heavily armoured members of the nightmarish underwater colony. The 'Big daddies' will not go down easily and you will have to take advantage of your environment as well as your mutations to finish them off once and for all.

You will be met with the most important of choices: save the civilisation or exploit them to allow yourself to escape their hellish world.

Picked this up instore today as part of their half price deals. It doesn't officially start until tomorrow, but they let me have it today for this price anyway. Amazing price for a great game.


What other half price deals do they have?

Voted hot btw.

only £21.49 online


only £21.49 online




£21.95 at gamecollection

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What other half price deals do they have?Voted hot btw.

The other one we got was Metroid Prime Pinball on the DS for £14.99, which is a good price I think, especially as it comes with the rumble pack thing.

Can't remember any of the others at the moment!

Didn't notice the price at the gamecollection, but then it's not a shop I'd use anyway (I've not heard great things about them.)

Bloody awful game!

Brilliant game, excellent price :santa:

any mention of PES at half price?

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I can't remember to be honest - they're having these half price deals with some new stuff every week, so it's worth keeping an eye on it.


Bloody awful game!

You obviously have not invested much time in the game. It quite possibly the best game I have ever played , with a movie like story , plot twists gallore and stunning to look at.

Dont just take my word for it check out metacritic, they pool reviews from around the world. They gave it 96% highest 360 score!!!!


And it has won BAFTAs.

Top game. Heat added:thumbsup:

Gotthe tin edition for 22.49 instore too!

Got one earlier in the week, great stuff. Just trying to find the time to play it. So many good games released or discounted in the past few weeks. I have at least 6 which I really want to play to the end.

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It's also now in the 2 for £40 preowned section (tin version and normal version) as well as Halo 3.

See, all you need to do is wait a few weeks, and you pay half the price!
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