BioShock/The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion Double Pack (PC), £4.85 @ Zavvi

BioShock/The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion Double Pack (PC), £4.85 @ Zavvi

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Bioshock and Oblivion for PC, double pack. Cheapest i've ever seen it.

Am currently using it as a basket-filler for the VCCOUK1030 voucher. (10% off £30 spend.)

Quidco/TCB on top.


I seem to recall Bioshock or something very similar being freely available to download. Not sure how legit the 'abandonware' site was though.

that price is criminal. should be illegal to sell these two classics this cheap

Probably system shock, the spiritual prequel as I do not believe they would offer Bioshock for free. There have been a few legit abandonware games but some were limited time e.g. Betrayal at Krondor (has a similar levelling system to Oblivion actually and a far better story) but they are not all that common and esp not for newer games.

Incidentally you can get Daggerfall and Arena for free at the minute…ll/

Daggerfall had me wandering in circles for hours about one dungeon (with a central, subterranean tower and many secret doors) for hours. I'm convinced it was unsolvable or I had done something to make it so, perhaps the download got 'butchered'.

Seem to remember finishing Arena, for my sins. You could cheat and walk through walls although sometimes you'd get stuck. Nice and small. Ah heck, I'm just guessing now.

I loved Oblivion (and I don't like RPGs like WoW and all that rubbish), and quite enjoyed Bioshock. Two very different games, really.

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Still a good price for em

Pity it's sold out at - Listed as £2.89 there.

Damn. Missed out. Sold out on Zavvi now.
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Solid out D:

Worth that for Oblivion alone

Missed it when it was a fiver at play.

Missed it when it was a fiver at zavvi.

I wonder where I'll miss it next?

I bought this for a fiver from about 2 years ago!

Well I received this today - buggers sent me Bioshck 2 PC game on its own, ZAVVI =
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