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Posted 6 September 2022

BirdBike Electric Hybrid Bike, Gravity Gray - £1249.99 delivered @ Halfords

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I’ve been watching the Bird website (sounds so wrong) and over the last few days there has been a price drop, and Halfords have also followed (as well as the independent shops). The bike is now £1249 and if like me, you can pick this up on the cycle to work scheme, it become a very tempting offer.

Also available at the electric bike shop

BirdBike Electric Hybrid Bike
  • Removable Battery: Yes
  • Maximum Range: Up To 60 Miles
  • Recharge Time: 3-5 Hours
  • Frame: Aluminium Alloy
  • Gears: Shimano 7 speed
  • Brakes: Tektro Mechanical Disc Brakes
Whether you want to free your mind or move freely up hills, the all-new electric Bird Bike is built to move with precision, performance and power. Built by the same team of vehicle designers and engineers who introduced shared electric scooters to the world.

Bird’s electric bike is designed to capture the thrill of the ride and premium performance with best in class safety features including a fully integrated backlit handlebar dash display and a powerful 250w motor for a smooth, yet powerful ride. The electric Bird Bike is perfect for your everyday commute, leisurely riding and everything in-between.

Bird’s state-of-the-art e-bike combines the best features of commuter bikes, mountain bikes, and electric powered bikes to create the ultimate ride.

A reliable 9.6ah battery with a range of up to 60 miles* per charge, the BirdBike is the perfect bike whether you are commuting to work or going for a leisurely ride. Note - the total travel distance will depend on the capacity of the battery, rider and luggage weight, power mode setting and riding style.

The BirdBike Electric Bike features a powerful 36V 250W Bafang rear hub motor providing assistance up to speeds of 15.5mph. This is the legal limit in the UK for all electric bikes.

The BirdBike Electric Bike is equipped with a speed sensor, which automatically turns the motor on once you begin pedalling and off when you stop pedalling.

Additional Features:
The BirdBike features an LCD display seamlessly integrated in to the handlebars conveniently displaying speed, distance, pedal assist mode, battery life and more. The BirdBike also comes equipped with front and rear mudguards and front and rear LED safety lights.

App Compatibility:
This product is compatible with the Bird app. Gain full functionality of Bird Bike when you pair to it using the Bird app and unique QR code. View the app pairing guide here

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  1. Avatar
    I have this bike and it's a great bike. A bit heavy if you try and carry it and wouldn't ride it without assistance for this reason but for something to commute to work on it's perfect. Has a removable battery so I take mine out and charge it at work
    Nice lights. Can't really think of anything negative apart from the lack of suspension but that's fine unless your going over **** roads with a load of potholes on or trying to fly up and down curbs on it

    If I didn't have one I be snapping it up at that price

    I paid full price for mine minus 10 percent and I am really happy with it apart from its this price now lol but probably saved that by not paying for petrol getting to and from work in the summer (edited)
  2. Avatar
    Seems worth it for the price but the RRP seems crazy for a basic hub drive bike.
    A grand less than the bike it's copying and a better spec bike to ride (but lower spec other tech and smaller battery)
  3. Avatar
    What an ugly bike
    Are you looking at my bird?!
  4. Avatar
    This just looks like a VanMoof rip off
    I regret buying Vanmoof over this. The auto shifters keeps breaking down. This is nearly same or better design for half price without boost function.
  5. Avatar
    It's my understanding that through the bike to work scheme it doesn't apply to sale prices and only the RRP?
    It works for any bike at any price. I’ve had bikes over the last 10 years or so that have been nowhere near RRP
  6. Avatar
    9.6ah does not equal 60 miles lmao. 20 miles maybe
    I have a 8.7ah battery and get over 40 miles on assist.
  7. Avatar
    Totum 10% discount seems to be working on these - just tried it myself.
  8. Avatar
    Seriously the frame on this is hideous

    I could weld scaffolding together and make a better job of it
    I like it.
  9. Avatar
    What an ugly Bird
  10. Avatar
    Bird is the word
  11. Avatar
    Everyone says this is a vanmoof rip but I can’t see any of its features: automatic gears, app control for lock/lights, anti-theft, location…
    Exactly, they've nicked the looks but not the innovative bits!
  12. Avatar
    I think it’s great value on the Cycle 2 Work scheme at either £834, £709 or top tax bracket £603.
  13. Avatar
    Those links are both for the same bike?
  14. Avatar
    Just get an import from China, they're cheaper and do 40mph.
    Any recommendations?
  15. Avatar
    Don't forget your 10% discount via various schemes, and another via cardyard. A potential of 20.62% discount.
    Or pay with a card registered with Airtime Rewards and get £50 back as credit
    What sort of schemes get you the 10% discount? Thanks
  16. Avatar
    Is this a van moof S3 rip off then ??
  17. Avatar
    If anyone is interested, I collected my Bird Bike today. Rides fine, definitely heavy, but manageable without any assistance. For pottering from a to b you can’t get much faster then 20mph with those 7 gears, without your legs whipping around :-) great value at £700 on the C2W scheme, just what I need.
  18. Avatar
    Has anyone first hand experience of this bike please as it is a real consideration for me and my 14 mile round trip to work 5 days a week
    There are a few reviews on the old www there is an option for a try before you buy, but I’ve done it regardless at this price.
  19. Avatar
    How much are you looking to pay with the cycle to work scheme?
    Depends on how much you make
  20. Avatar
    If anyone has a spare British Cycling 10% off code, I would be very grateful.
    I have a blue light discount code for you 10% off at Halfords online

    Heres your Halfords discount code BLC10AUG-X6ZS-LNGB-PZN2-L2NM
  21. Avatar
    Can you imagine the damage to the car when you run into it?
  22. Avatar
    Wow - that's one ugly bike!
  23. Avatar
    I think the designer had a bird brain..
  24. Avatar
    Not as powerful as the US version which has a 500W motor. This one in the UK comes with a 250W motor.
    Also, look at the reviews on this bike from the US - not the best out there.
    It's also that eBikes in USA more powerful and cheaper!!!??
  25. Avatar
    What's the situation with the drive train?

    Been trying to research ebikes, is this an ebike specific Shimano 7 speed set or just a really old one? (Appreciate Deore/10spd only seems to festure on bikes twice the cost) (edited)
    Personally I think it’s an older one, but there is also a “try before you buy” option available.
  26. Avatar
    Can you pick those Sur-Ron bikes up on the cycle to work scheme?
    Surely not, but would be great if you could
  27. Avatar
    I wanna know what ebikes the guys are riding around here able to hit 35-40mph. There is a guy who always makes me chuckle riding suited and booted hitting 40mph on my route home. If I get an ebike it will be one of them.
    Something with a 1500 watt rear hub and a huge battery, 48volt or 52v, that will get you 35 mph if it's unrestricted, don't know about 40mph.
    Obviously not road legal at those speeds.
    9ah battery seems puny
  28. Avatar
    Whoever said you couldn't build a bike out of 2x4 timber?!
  29. Avatar
    The spokes aren't connected to the rim.
  30. Avatar
    Can you ride this on gravel bike paths, or is it mainly for roads?
    I’ve been told gravel paths are fine.
  31. Avatar
    Lazy invention, why pay when you can use an ordinary bike and get fit for next to nothing????
    And sweaty, just in time for arriving at work!
  32. Avatar
    Have they got a different spoke set up on each wheel? Looks strange in the pic
  33. Avatar
    Does anyone know if a rear rack can be fitted on these
    Looks like anything could be welded to it
  34. Avatar
    It seems that many discount schemes are not available for ebikes. They are the two wheel equivalent of baby formula.
    So that leaves cardyard, when available, at 11.98%, or Airtime Rewards at 4%
  35. Avatar
    Has anyone taken advantage of the deal on the cycle 2 work scheme? That’s where the big saving was
    Just waiting for mine to be approved and I'm gonna get this.
  36. Avatar
    i have a Himo C20 which are about 600 or 700 new.
    36V 10ah battery

    i got mine half price in cash generator,
    am mostly impressed
  37. Avatar
    Paying this sort of money i'd expect hydraulic disc brakes
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