Bird Song Clock-£5 @ Morrisons
Bird Song Clock-£5 @ Morrisons

Bird Song Clock-£5 @ Morrisons

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A bit different to a cuckoo clock but probably just as annoying.
But as this site is for 'hot deals' this is half the price of anywhere else I can see.
Instore only.


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Oh...it plays a different wild bird tune every hour.

It certainly does!

Ibought my mother one on saturday, it's the best fiver i've spent in a long time.

At noon for example, you wait to hear the lovely hooty barn owl, only to be welcomed by the warble of some other birdy.

It plays totally different bird song from the ones pictured!

It's also supposed to have a feature whereby the birdys' have a nap in the evening, so it doesn't wake you in the night, sof ar it seems the actual hours of silence are 5am to 11am.

It plays totally different bird song from the ones pictured!

I have never heard a picture play a bird song before, Must get me one on these to see the miracle!

I crashed at my cousins a few years back, and they have this in the living room. Woke me up every hour through the night. Damn clock!!

Repeat .. I posted this last week and it went negative

I thought is was an OK deal and still do.


Does the dial get covered in crap

We used to have this clock up, I loved the birdy songs, but it got relegated to the loft by OH. However, this has inspired me to get it out. Great price.

I bought one of these for the spare bedroom, I should point out I also have another in the living room I got in the USA for $20. The US one plays nice bird songs and has a light sensor on it so it doesn't make any noise when its not light.

I bought one of these cos I liked the US one, this one if ingerior quality. Not sure what the hours of darkness are for this clock but its not got a light sensor and I promise you it goes off at 6am. It wakes me up every day and I sleep in a different room.

Also the songs are not particurlarly nice, the US one is nice tweeting and singing, some of the UK ones I would class as loud sqwarking

Not bad for a fiver, but if you genuinely want a nice one a better quality product can be picked up in the UK ones for a little bit more


This is cheap Poundland tat that never works properly..

Others in this thread have said the same so you have been warned!
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