Birds Eye 10 Chicken Goujons 48p RRP £1.98 @ Sainsburys (100% chicken breast)

Birds Eye 10 Chicken Goujons 48p RRP £1.98 @ Sainsburys (100% chicken breast)

Found 8th Jan 2009
Garlic and herb flavour only. These were in the 'sale' in my local store.
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cheap-but a bit concerned how much chicken is in em when it costs me £3.50 for a little tray...
hot from me for price but dont like this flavour myself
They are 100% chicken breast
hot hot hot, gna check this out tomorrow morning, cheers
I've never understood the '100% chicken breast'. Or the '100% beef' that McDonalds use. I mean, they're clearly not, else the ingredients list would just contain the one thing! :?
If they are marked SALE its likely that its only in that one store, as they go like this when they are discontinued.
If it states 100% chicken then thats what it will be but what they won't tell you is that their chicken is sourced from the same kind of places that KFC/Subway get it. In other words its full of growth hormones given to chickens in crowded conditions that are killed as soon as they can be force fed big enough.
100% chicken breast from the neck, shoulder and the ****, but one good thing its 100% of it.:thumbsup: whats the meat content?
These taste like ****, sorry but they're like the cheap chicken nuggets from schools in the late 90s/early 2000s before anything fun to eat was taken off the menu.

(and yes i'm a fast food connoisseur)
Chav food
It's 100% 'chicken'.
I'm voting hot purely for the picture of the old school Captain Birdseye...
You are missed Cap'tin LOL
That is the best hot deal picture I have ever seen.

They are 100% chicken breast

MRM - Mechanically removed meat springs to mind. Absolute rubbish :x
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