BIRMINGHAM only - HOT FUZZ tickets
BIRMINGHAM only - HOT FUZZ tickets

BIRMINGHAM only - HOT FUZZ tickets

use the code 104161

Birmingham Broad Street Cineworld - Thursday 8th Feb 7pm

Hope this helps!

Enjoy the movie!

(where are the london tickets? geez)


Awww, screening full.

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hmm tried it right before posting and could have got two tickets!...that was darn fast! hope you tried the other HOT FUZZ codes!

like Grease Lightning LOL

Thanks for the info

Oh poo - Missed out, again . . . :((

Missed out, but thanks for the chance. Time to mark EXPIRED though...

They are giving away tickets if you prepared to queue up for the autograph session at HMV although it is the first 20 people

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yup mightymax - I've already posted the details here: hotukdeals.com/for…487

hope it helps

yeh i noticed afterwards

I have been to a signing event (I collect autographs) at HMV a few times and they are such hurried affairs :-(

I guess to be able to get tickets for the screening you will have to be there at about 1pm
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