Birra Moretti 660ml £1.25 @ Tesco

Birra Moretti 660ml £1.25 @ Tesco

Found 10th Jan 2014
Fantastic price for a premium beer, this is a reduction of £1.14

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Could of got a game or blu ray for this price!!!! Lol
I find that blu rays do not taste as good though.........
good beer, great price!
why oh why did you post this , I really need to empty the fridge of Christmas cheer , now I'm gonna have to stock up again !
have some heat
lovely beer this, have some heat.
Nice one

Could of got a game or blu ray for this price!!!! Lol

Could have, not could of.
Birra Mo-who?
Nicest beer around IMHO and at that price I'll bathe in it
love it,cheers op.or should i say salute

love it,cheers op.or should i say salute

Still showing online as £2.29 or 4 for £6 (in itself not a bad price)

Wonder if this is store specific is that particular store is de-listing the product?

I'll have a look at my local tomorrow when I'm in collecting my Tesco Direct bargains.
Decent bear in good price. Heat added.
Great bear.
Still original price.
Voted +HOT for a brilliant beer, at a brilliant price [subject to actually going to tesco to find some!] for the size!

One of the few beer / alcohol brands that Heineken have not messed up the recipe of, since buying the brand / brewer!

Perfect with any Pasta, Pizza, Fish & Red Meat dishes :-)

Which tescos?
hubby loves this cheers op
Nice, thanks for posting

Heat added :-)
Heat for the deal, but not a beer for me. Way over priced normally for what it is. Rates 9/100 on RateBeer.. A very well marketed beer.
not in extra store Hatfield its 4 for £6 here was gonna stock if 1.2
still £2.29 in Tesco Extra North Shields, assume this is store-specific ...
Not at Kettering. Brilliant -,-
Still £2.29 in Milton Keynes.
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