Bissell 1538A Powerglide Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Amazon - £72.99

Bissell 1538A Powerglide Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Amazon - £72.99

Found 12th Apr 2017
Bought this vacuum cleaner recently and, benchmarked against the Dyson V6, I am absolutely delighted with the purchase.

Side note - I got an offer by email to buy a £100 Amazon gift card and get an extra £5 credit free. I bundled this purchase with other items I needed to buy, so I kind of consider that I got the vacuum for a further £5 discount, making the final price £67.99 delivered with 2 yr Bissell guarantee. But I wouldn't worry about this, I was going to purchase regardless at £72.99. That was just a cherry on top. Check your email and see if you got this promotion as I think it's not open to everyone - may only be Prime customer, or some other criteria. Anyway - moving on ...

A price check on will tell you this is at its lowest price yet:…N9U

The machine works surprisingly well on my deep carpets - far better than what some reviews suggest. It has a 36V battery with 45 min battery life (twice that of Dyson V6), 2 hrs charge time (nearly twice as fast as Dyson V6), 0.9L storage (over twice that of the Dyson), 2 year guarantee, and a fraction of the price (nearly 3 times less than the Dyson V6). You can clearly see the machine I have benchmarked most closely against - the Dyson V6 Animal is currently on promotion, and I'm presenting my arguments as to why you should go for this machine - it's a true HUKD deal!! It's definitely much better than the price tag suggests. Reviews are a bit mixed, but maybe they were written for when it was at a higher price point or by people with the expectations of a corded vacuum, which is unrealistic full stop. I don't know, all I know is it's serving my needs brilliantly.

It's not a perfect machine - it's heavier than the dyson and some may not like that you have to remove the battery each time to charge. I prefer the latter solution though as installing a docking station is a hassle, and external charging makes the machine more portable if you want to use in another property. I'd also say the V6 is superior when used as a hose/wand cleaner, but not much. This will do a perfectly good job cleaning your car.

It's horses for courses - this machine meets my needs well. This isn't meant to be a Dyson bashing thread as they make excellent machines too.

And if you want to true power, well then my research tells me there isn't a cordless machine out there than can compete with the raw power and convenience of a bagged corded vacuum (the likes of Hoover, Sebo, Miele make very good bagged cleaners). So until that perfect cordless solution arrives, this machine is a cracker IMO. It's fulfilling my needs as a single cordless solution for my 3 bed apartment!
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Awesome post! Thanks :-)
By the way, I don't work for Bissell lol ... I'm that rare breed of person that geeks out before making a purchase See my boilers posting from half a year ago for geek evidence ... just sharing my honest, impartial opinion. I find it quite enjoyable doing the research before making my purchase and sharing with others!
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Great price, not sure if it's any good on dog hairs, hairs and carpet though
I remember that Boiler thread

As for Bissell, my 1st was 2nd has been horrendous & there will not be a 3rd.

But heat for the deal & the effort Vishy
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Back up to £149.48 now (as of 18th April)
BTW you do not need to install a docking station for the V6. You can just use a cable and plug it in to the dyson.

BTW you do not need to install a docking station for the V6. You can just … BTW you do not need to install a docking station for the V6. You can just use a cable and plug it in to the dyson.

Thanks - good to know for future (i am keeping a keen eye on price drops for the dyson v8 with longer battery)
expired now 129.99
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