Bissell 1600 W Mop Upright Steam Cleaner reduced to £11.50 @ tesco

Bissell 1600 W Mop Upright Steam Cleaner reduced to £11.50 @ tesco

Found 14th Nov 2014
Bissell 1600 W Mop Upright Steam Cleaner reduced from £46.00 to £11.50 online @ tesco thought I'd share coz I think it's a bargain x


Ordered thanks OP great find

What a deal!!! It has excellent reviews.

With club card boost, I've just got this for £1.50!!!

Thank you very much!

What a deal great reviews with club add boost and click and collect got this for a bargain £8.50

Thank you I don't need it but couldn't resist oO

Got to be worth a try. Thank you.

Great, used points, got it for free! Thanks

Link doesnt work for me


Link doesnt work for me

here you go

Thanks OP. Been after one for a while, and free for me with boost :-)

Thanks needed a new one!!

Thanks ordered 2 one for nothing and one for a tenner.
I see it has a Which best buy award.

Bless Tesco and I hope we lower their profits even more

sold out

Thanks just ordered!

A good find OP, thanks for sharing. It's a shame I have no need for one but heat added for the deal



sold out

It's still in stock

I've just spent 40 quid on one -_-

Thank you op. Been looking around for a good and well priced one. Got it for free with boost x

Oos, removed from my basket

Ahhh nice find, clearly hot - but now out of stock when you to checkout

'Sorry, we don't have enough Bissell 1600 W Mop Upright Steam Cleaner items in stock right now. This item (s) has been added to your save for later basket. You can try to purchase this item again by reducing its quantity.'
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theyve sold out :-(

Damn I really needed one too!!

Damn, just sold out! Oh well, maybe I'll get lucky next time...:)

Sold out

sold out been looking for a bargain steam mop for ages, what with 4 kids, im forever mopping up after them lol

Sold out

Sold out

rotten luck, was going to order one for my mum

and too late to vote it hot

missed this

Arghh been desperate for one so annoying people selfishly ordering more then they need!!

arghhh! my mum really wants one of these - would have been a present off the list! I agree - greedy people who will flog them for 20!

Shame I missed this. Does make me laugh when a good deal goes oos people automatically assume and blame others for buying them to flog! Is it not possible that Tesco just ran out of stock?

currently unavailable

i ordered 2 last night, and just received cancelation email

Disappointed .. I have ordered, got an email that my order is ready to collect at my local store.
Store didn't receive my order and customer service direct had refunded my order without reason! Waste of time n journey...!

Picked my two up yesterday. Real bargain.
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